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Picking up with where we left off with Day 1

Waking the next morning, we had a light breakfast and then took off for Safari Sanctuary in Broken Arrow. While there is a zoo in Tulsa, this really interested us, especially Joe who loves the Big Cats, because you could feed them. They are reasonable for admission and for $8 we got a bag of 10 chicken legs to feed the kitties, and he did! All funds raised goes back into the upkeep and care of the animals there. These have all come to them from "other situations". For example, one of the tigers, had been kept as a pet in a condo and abused by its owner.

Lions & Tigers & Ligers OH MY! )

Day 3 to come yet!
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Joe's birthday was in July but during the week rent was due so we never got a chance to do anything special for him. We decided instead, to get away for the Labor Day weekend since he'd have four days off with the holiday and I'd have three. I went ahead and took one vacation day for that Friday and we had a joint birthday weekend since mine was 3 September.

One of the things Joe had been wanting to do was visit Shepherd's Chapel in Gravette AR. It's pastored by a minister he respects greatly and has learned much from. So we found out what time to be there for the daily live bible study and after breakfast, headed on the 2.5 hour drive there.

We arrived with time to spare and were able to get to know some of the daily attendees as well as spend some time talking with the pastor, Rev. Arnold Murray as well as visit the bookshop and find these:
Day one of our weekend )

After dinner, it was back to the hotel and just relax with Flashdance and Grease 1 and 2 on tv and some reading for Joe and crochet for me!

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Some random late night thoughts on the fun

Photos galore to come  

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Now what could have led me to the Mall after we separated from archerpren? A desire to see Build-A-Bear in person and not just online. Hubby and I took a couple of wrong turns but other than that had an uneventful trip to the mall and found the shop.

Once there, I learned they are coming out with a Snow Owl on or around July 10th *grins*. However for now, I obtained Trevor :D
No, this is not dial up's friend here :D )
More photos here

Outlaw Raceway photos later :D    

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Yesterday Prendolyn the Wierd (who also goes by the nickname archerpren) and I had an outing at a nearby town called Tulsa. About 2.5 hours from me, it gave us a chance to further get to know each other. We met up at Brookdale by Day for a delicious breakfast, my choice being the #6 omelet done with egg whites and containing chicken, spinach, mushroom and swiss cheese.

Pren is as great in person as 'at camp' and we had a great time after which we checked out a nearby LYS named Stitches at which I found cotton yarn on sale 75% off so 4 balls for the price of 1 :D

But eventually it became time to go separate ways but not before a few photos together


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