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I can't believe it but I just learned I won some lovely Hufflepuffy sock yarn here
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Over the past few weeks have received some wonderful squeemail. You've already seen the awesome Halloween Swap goodies from craftylilthing, but there's more :D
Mail call )
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Recent received wonderful Christmas Squee Mail in the past two weeks from

[livejournal.com profile] jennbrad52 
[livejournal.com profile] hp5freak 
[livejournal.com profile] ofenjen 
[livejournal.com profile] hardhatcat 
[livejournal.com profile] lezlishae 
[livejournal.com profile] fyrestar1 

and a wonderful Christmas drabble from elvenlaughter!  Also a box from my daughter!

And loved everything.  Would have posted sooner but had been trying to get everything together for our trip to Ohio which was wonderful

Photos later
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Well I've been meaning to post all this and planned last Friday to update but my internet went down and couldn't be fixed till Monday night.  But finally, here it is.

Firstly, I had promised some photos of awesome squeemail received and here they are.

From [livejournal.com profile] jennbrad52 , the most wonderfully warm and comfy pair of crocheted Maryjane slippers which I wear all the time at home.

The same day, I also received a package from [livejournal.com profile] scowling_hermit that contained the gorgeous painting she did of a water dragon (my own Nessie picture :) ) and the awesome Halloween banner.

Also, [livejournal.com profile] hardhatcat and I did a personal Twilight Trade and her package arrived full of fabulous goodies   A paperpieced Twilight Bag, Twi stationary, Twi Journal all made by her.  Bookmarks, stickers and some LaPush beach fabric.  An Australia pencil set as well as Liquorice Bullets (mmmmmmm  and think chocolate Good & Plenty!), Allsorts (which can be gotten in the US just not where I live) and Tim Tams and yes, I've done my first Tim Tam Slam.  Oh and [livejournal.com profile] ofenjen ?  The new Target in Ft. Smith does not have TimTams :(   She also included a book of dog sweater patterns with a cute set of knitting needles (little dogs on top)

Thank you all for the wonderful squeeness!!!

I've been getting some crochet done...  107 of 200 mini cauldrons done for the OKC Yule Ball... here's 50 of them

A Molly Sweater that Accio_lily on Leaky Cauldron has been waiting for for months!

Several 12" blocks in a CAL I'm in on Ravelry that will become an afghan for my bedroom and a Team Edward Tote that is the prize for the newest [livejournal.com profile] twilight_crafts  challenge

And my squeemail this wee was my copy of The Tales of Beedle the Bard that I won on friday (just before the internet died) at Hogshead.org!.  However, I have yet to read it as dear hubby grabbed it last night and hasn't finished yet.

Tonight we're going out.  The place we went to on Halloween has the same group coming back for "Celtic Christmas Night' and we're going to it for a while.  Weekend is mostly just relaxing at home and crafting. 

Also spent time updateing my pages on Ravelry, Cut Out and Keep and Deviant Art as well as MyCraftivity.com  I was rather excited when my internet came back on to see that one of my projecs on Cut Out and Keep is in the top 20!  Which is my pizza recipe that I've made since my kids were in school and they love.

Currently been catching up on getting some Molly Sleeves made for other Mollys that are being waited on and the mini cauldrons as well as the other pieces for Mollys.   Also, mailed out my cards for [livejournal.com profile] hardhatcat 's recipe swap this morning at the post office.

Still have to up date on the Metallica concert that was just fantastic!  But now its time to get ready to go out.

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I have the most awesome husband in the world!  He told me my birthday gift would be late simply because it did not go on sale till September 12th.  That was quite fine by me because I really did want Metallica's new cd, first in five years - Death Magnetic.

Well, it wasn't just the cd!

He also got me a ticket to go see them in
Little Rock on November 22nd!


I love my husband :)

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...I sorta entered and

Squee article
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As I mentioned in an earlier post, over the past few weeks, I have been the recipient of some fabulous Squee Mail that I can finally share pictures with you now.

Well almost .... I wasn't as patient as others and ate Jen's delicious candies before taking photos :D

Well the first one wasn't actually mailed but my husband's gift for me this year.  He found me a black and silver stocking and a mini one that is black, silver and red.  Three Christmas cds -- Christmas with the Rat Pack, TSO Walmart special edition, and The Three Tenors.  Finally, he got me the original Miracle on 34th Street on DVD.  My three children went together and bought me a new 7mp digital camera for Christmas along with a 2gb memory card :D I have been using it since and it really makes a difference in the photos !

Peek now! )

Some wonderful squee mail from the Crafty Witches, starting with [profile] jennbrad52  a beaded dragon necklace and a hufflepuff crocheted purse!

And of course, there was the package from [personal profile] hp5freak  which contained floo powder, crayons, Hufflepuff wristwarmers and a lovely crocheted snowflake as well as a surprise from [personal profile] quietish  in the form of rum balls and beautiful yarn and the cutest ornament photo of one of her hobbits! Once again, [profile] lezlishae  proved herself Queen of Spellotape (electrical/duct tape) with a Hufflepuff Christmas Card!! While made golden snitch ornaments that she sent with little koala and Aussie calender.

Crafty Witches ROCK! )

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Tis hobbitses, nuff said


Dec. 17th, 2007 01:13 pm
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Ok yes I have been absolutely totally slack on Christmas. The extent of my decorating is *points to icon*. But considering all our decorations are still in storage for the third holiday in a row, it's a bit hard to try decorating :(

the past few weeks have been a bit rough as it's first Thanksgiving, his birthday and holidays without my father. Turn on any Christmas music and I get weepy.

I have a beautiful card from my two favorite fiends [personal profile] alabastard and [personal profile] alabastardragon and it really really helped brighten a hard day for me by arriving on dad's birthday and reminding me I'm not alone.  Thank you both... *hugs*

Over the weekend a very surprise package arrived from a certain crafty witch in Australia!  Thanks so much [profile] hardhatcat.  Pictures will be forthcoming.

Today, I have a squee mail from [profile] ofenjen and it's delicious.  Picture?  Yeah yeah, I know [profile] freakyartychick had enough self control to take a photo before delving in but then I'm not her :D  LOL.  But it looked just like hers too :D  *hugs Jen*  thanks and its delicious: 

And zomg!  the cutest Hufflepuff christmas card from [profile] lezlishae  That girl is amazing with duct tape!!!  *hugs* hard.

I'm still trying to get cards done.. I've moved them closer to the desk -- which is an improvement over last year :D

Joe and I have been preparing for the holidays at the church and celebrating Advent in the meantime each Sunday.  I have managed to be somewhat productive in obtaining or making ornaments for the congregation for each Sunday so far and attaching explanations or 'histories' with them.  So far have done the Christmas Nail, the Candy Cane, the Star.  Currently working on beaded crosses for this coming Sunday and we have little Nativity snow globes for the communion service this coming Wednesday night. 

Have also been productive on another project for HPC.  It's getting there Jen :)

Anything other Christmas shopping???  Not even started :(

Ah well, just taking it one day at a time.

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Ok, not only did my sock kit swap box arrive but so did a surprise package from Shae containing a pair of her awesome paper dolls and a purse all created by her as you can see below:

Molly and Arthur and a dragon purse. Shae rocks!
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Well, the owl arrived this past Saturday with my kit from Lori... too bad I was in Austin *lol* I had gone to a friend's on Friday and we went to a DH Release Party in Georgetown TX -- I as Molly Weasley and she as Tonks.

However, When I got home Sunday night this is what I found!!!

Lori! Thank you SO VERY MUCH!! Everything was awesome and I loved it!

Beth's owl left here this morning with her package as I had to wait on her yarn which arrived while I was gone also :)

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Driving home from a bunch of errands this afternoon, Rock 100.7 had 10th and 11th caller wins Mannheim Steamroller's collection of patriotic songs on CD.  So, grabbed the cell phone which yes thank you very much did have their number programmed in and dialed to find I was #3, redialed for a busy signal and a third time to find out I was one of the winners!  SQUEEEEEEEEEE

So I need to go there within 2 weeks to pick up

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As [personal profile] quietish has mentioned we had an AWESOME time at Mugglefest 2007.  Once again the Norman Public Library (Yay Rebecca!)  went all out and with the support of local businesses, provided an great day of Harry Potter fun and magic for area families.  Rosemary worked the information table during the afternoon and I was the prefect for the Care of Magical Creatures class.  One of the demonstrations involved creatures I cannot stand and am totally terrified of... he went to the FARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR end of the room away from where I would have to watch the door from me.  Obviously, as you have guessed by now there will be no photos of that guy in here.  However two wonderful officers from the Norman PD brought their partners, Pablo and Lux who were the most pleasant officers I have ever met.  Course I wasn't doing anything illegal with them around.  Two very beautiful german shepherds.

Pablo )

 At the end, each student received their own magical creature, a pygmy puff, to care for.  Over 300 pygmy puffs found a home.

Of course Lady Macbeth was with me and did a bit of fangirlin'

Ok Ok so I did too :)

HatP )

However, so did Emily, the Merch lady for HatP!  [personal profile] hp5freak had created some great little cookbooks she gave us at PR.  She let me have a few extras and I shared one with Emily who immediately began squeeing and fangirling [personal profile] hp5freak's creativity!

However, we did find some unusual looking fans at Mugglefest!  *giggles*

r2d2 )

A long but wonderful day!
Oh yea and what did I do between CoMC sessions... well, here's something you don't see every day Molly making Mollys!

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Yep, been a few days.  Partly because I spent Easter weekend being sick with a cold.  Partly cause I've been keeping busy

This is 4 of the 123 Ashie's I've completed and sent to [profile] ofenjen

Jen is going to be weaving in ends and gluing on eyes for her crewmates in Lumien House.

Finished will be something like this

Although we see the eyes do need to be bigger........  And no, this is not the "secret project"  She and I have been working on!  That's still a secret!

Had some SQUEE mail come from [profile] jewells68 Monday.  A hufflepuff tie, a very pretty Pontalbon scarf, some badge holders for my siggy tag that [profile] lezlishae made for me that I made into a nametag for PR, a mask base AND Vladimir the puffskein!

*cuddles Vladimir* 

Oh and did I mention I started two more molly sweaters, got the cap for 4 sleeves done last night!

Now back to the ashies and then at 200, on to green crocheted music notes!!!
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Today was a complete Harry Potter Mail Day!!!

My HPCrafters Yahoo groups swap package came from my partner for the Try A New Crafts Swap today and it was some awesome items! Aline they are fantastic :D

Then The fantastic [profile] lezlishae  made me the most wonderful Hufflepuff paper doll that I special ordered from her [profile] psychonuttery  journal. You all have to go see her other dolls! They are awesome! Hugs to you Shae and cannot wait to meet you in New Orleans..... Oh and no I still do not have a house assignment for PR yet *grumbles*

I am sooo going to be ordering more of these! Shae your work is awesome.

and these did not come in today's mail but [profile] ofenjen  is making the coolest buttons, both designed and special orders and you can order them through her Etsy Shop. Visit her for your button needs! *runs off to order a Marius one :D

Spent the weekend working on odd projects. [profile] ofenjen  and I have a bit of a secret project going for PR and to that end, my hubby was drafted to assist with some needs. So dear that he was, he managed to accomplish this for us.

Thank you honey :) Course while he worked on that, I worked on my project for the HPCrafters Yahoo groups Creature Swap that's coming up next.

Hopefully tomorrow the supplies I ordered will arrive and I can also begin working on my ATC Swap for the HP Crafters Rendevous ATC Swap. As well as begin working on my mask for the Masquerade Ball and also for the PR Swap that the HPCrafters Yahoo groups is doing.

OH and I also finished a size 3-5 Molly...erm at least I hope its a size 3-5!  Won't know till it gets mailed this weekend and arrives in Canada!  Will post photos once my camera batteries recharge!
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It's been a rather interesting week!

Started out a nice Sunday out with Joe that ended up in me spending all of Sunday night up sick.  After taking a sick day Monday to recover and sleep, things began to look up and kept doing so!

With the money I had put away and did not have to spend on repairing Marius, I found really good deal on decent new digital so should cure my fuzzy photo ills and will be hear shortly again thanks to Ebay.
My Phoenix Rising Registration has transferred and confirmed and I've taken the sorting quiz and now impatiently
calmly wait for their reply (*runs off to check email yet again, returns*).  Tried to keep myself occupied with coming up with a fractured Phoenix Rising version of the "Pina Colada (Escape) song"!
And a book release date...but not sure how I feel.  Looking forward to new book.  So close to the movie release....  wish we could have savored each moment more.
Also made a trip to Goodwill in Fort Smith yesterday and found a nice longsleeve black turtleneck and long black skirt for McGonagall's 'dress' now to just get my sewing machine fixed so I can make her green robe!

And along with the Molly Sweater, kept busy this week working on a new craft for a swap I'm in and made a few other things as well as you can see!  Good thing I know a couple of other Ravenclaws :)

And this afternoon, I even managed to get Marius hooked up and running with his new wireless card!  Yes, definitely been a good week!
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It's sent, it's paid!  It's Official!!!!!!!  Phoenix Rising here I come!
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New addition to the "I'm going to Phoenix Rising" Club *goes off to pack Molly Costume*

Oh sorry forgot.  But Huggy Hubby ok with my detouring to PR on way home from son's graduation with Associates.  Now to just pay fees the end of month and put in for time at work and pray DLCC does NOT delay graduation from May 11 to anytime after May 15.

Biegnets and Cafe Au Lait here I COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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As a surprise arrived from Heather who ROCKS!

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Yesterday was a complete squee day. The icy weather held off and I was able to drive to Fort Smith to meet up with [livejournal.com profile] quietish and Kelly of Fangirlish podcasts for some time together. This is not something that happens often because I am the halfway point between these two over a distance of about 600 miles. But they had a surprise for me and treated me to the movie Eragon and dinner at Bravo's -- a wonderful Italian restaurant on Rogers Avenue! Good traditional style Italian cooking, great service and atmosphere.

Having read the book and heard from others, I think it helped quite a bit that I did not go in expecting the movie to follow the book. They did change things. However, on it's own, as just a dragon saga, it was very good. Great flight scenes and Sapphira as a baby dragon was awesome!

Kelly and [livejournal.com profile] quietish ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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