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Tonight was the first Halloween Joe did not have to work since 2003 and we went to Leoncia's in Ft. Smith, AR.  It's a New Orleans style restaurant which holds Celtic Night once a month and it happened to be tonight.  We had a great time and went in costume -- I wore my Ren Faire market dress and Joe dressed as a cowboy.........  Though considering we live in Oklahoma I wonder if anyone realized it was his costume :D LOL

The staff was all in costume too and we had a wonderful time.  Also worked on a Molly there, got the back done and started one of the front pieces started.

Halloween at Leoncia's )

Back home to relax with Bell, Book & Candle and some Vampire Red Wine... mmmmmm

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As tagged by [livejournal.com profile] hp5freak , ...basically, you comment to this post, and I will choose 7 of your interests that I am curious about.  You post about them in your own journal and we continue from there.  So--

All definitions are what they mean to me...not from a dictionary, wiki, or other source.  Deal with it. ;)

Tag your it )

And ETA Tag by [livejournal.com profile] ofenjen 

absinthe - The muse of artists and writers in the late 1800's, the Green Fairy was banned in US for its ingredient of wormwood and has now been made available again with a different variety of said ingredient as Absente.  It is my guilty pleasure on rare occasions.

celtic mythology - A strong celtic heritage leads me to study and learn more about the celtic history, legend and myths (or what others may consider myths.

dracula - The first vampire once known as Vlad the Impaler, aka Prince Vladimir III of Wallachia -- Lord Dracula to others.  His story is told in the writings of Bram Stoker.

E nomine - see above and include:  Vater Unser and Das Omen or often heard being sung by me at random times.

romani - the proper name of the people commonly referred to as gypsies.  Their heritage and Lore are long and known and one I am proud to have connections to through ancestors.  Also known as travellers in the UK

scottish history - History of our families and their homeland.. Clan Cochran, Clan Cameron.

totem animals - My totem is the dragon...  A brilliant Amber colored gold.   Guardian, Guide, Spirit totem.

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... Even after going to Altus the day before, Joe and I headed to Sweet Bay Coffee House for an few hours of Celtic Music courtesy of Cold Water dog

The above is them playing The Butterfly. 

Some pics from the afternoon.


While the music ended about 4:30 - 5ish, we remained and kicked back till about 6:30 when we headed out to see Sweeney Todd which was awesome!
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Since I last posted what I've been up to.  That's because for the past couple of weeks things have been busy and active and hectic and along with trying to complete mollys for friends, I've also had to complete an afghan for a wedding present by this past Saturday.  Joe had a wedding to officiate at our church and I made this for the couple.

And the gift is done on time )
As well as did their programs and a ceremony booklet for Joe to use during the service and then be a keepsake for them after.

wedding graphics )
Also, have been working on some mollys and mailed out three so far so [livejournal.com profile] kadidid, [livejournal.com profile] overcast,  and [livejournal.com profile] lezlishae  watch your mailboxes!!

     Even Umbridge needs a Molly )

::Bites:: )
   Delana! )
Currently just assembled and am putting the trim on[info]kimberly_elf's and have [livejournal.com profile] hpmommy's waiting to be assembled and trimmed.  The body for [livejournal.com profile] hp5freak's is almost done and will be starting another batch of sleeves as I work on more bodies as well.

Taking a break -- well is it a break if you're working on Mollys as you listen? -- Joe and i went back to Sweet Bay Coffee House in Ft. Smith for the celtic music they have on the second Sunday of the month.  It had been a few months since we'd been there so it was a nice way to relax.

Fiddles and bodhrans and flutes, oh my! )

Now, back to work on Mollys!

ETA: By they way if you are keeping count, that's 9 mollys completed! ETAA: because I can't tell an Lj name from a forum name some days *lol*
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Got some thrift shopping done with some great finds.  Jeans hubby needed, two nightgowns for NOLA in house unity colors no less!

and an interesting celtic looking wood plaque and a St Francis for my garden when I get one!

Friday I attempted to get my sewing machine fixed but was told the price would be way more than worth it.  So guess I'll consider looking for another one instead.  However I did manage to get some craft supplies I needed to finish projects and some yarn in a "lighter shade of pink than I used for Jenn's Molly"  to make yet another Molly for  [personal profile] quietish!

So will be starting on that in the upcoming weeks.

Spent the weekend crafting and as a result there is another version of "300" below!

Even Joe got crafty and so I present to you -- from the Sorceror's Stone....the flying keys!

In the meantime, started a shawl in fun yarn I found at Dollar Tree for the conference. and here's progress so far:

That's the first ball of yarn so far and the one to the side above is a full ball to give you some idea how far I seem to be getting out of one ball of it. 

Quite a good weekend!
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Spent a crafty celtic weekend at home.  Yesterday, Joe and I made colcannon and some corned beef for our dinner and as we worked on various crafts together, watched several Irish movies along with Best of Riverdance and another one called Dancing on Dangerous Ground. 

Earlier in the week, I completed a Gryffindor Dragon for a HP Crafts swap I was in.  He should be arriving at his new home in the next day or two. 

Also managed to get quite a bit done on the PR secret project that [profile] ofenjen and I are working on.  Perhaps another hint? :D

As well as birthing another 100 streelers and now we have 200 all happy healthy with eyes and antenna fully developed all ready to attach themselves to loving caregivers at PR.  Have another 100 or so that will be born soon as well.

Now getting ready to start a shawl for PR...found this fun yarn at Dollar Tree and thinking of doing shell stitch on the diagonal.


Mar. 17th, 2007 11:47 am
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And celtic music. Not as many musicians this time but just as good and just as enjoyable

Music )
Lady M had a good time )
Joe enjoyed reading and music )

And so did the 15 Streeler that were accomplished while there as well )
And This weekend, also got my mask finished for the Ball at PR

Finished creation )

Love Token

Feb. 25th, 2007 04:31 pm
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Gacked from [profile] queen_lily_rose  

I took the "what's your love token?" quiz on gURL.com
Your love token is...
a spoon

Your love token is the spoon. But what's a spoon got to do with love? If you're a Welsh sailor, plenty. Young men would spend their time aboard ships carving these elaborate constructions from a single piece of wood. The more intricate the spoon, the longer the voyage. Different symbols embedded within the carving speak to a secret language between two lovers: flowers for affection, diamonds for wealth and good fortune, an anchor for a guy who's eager to settle down. You may or may not be in a long-distance relationship, but like the Welsh sailors and their sweethearts, you believe in patience and loyalty. You're probably less into short term flings and more into finding the right person. Patient and down-to-earth, you might wait forever for your crush to notice you and steadily work to win their heart. It goes the opposite way too. No fly-by-night wooing here. If you're looking for a similar love token for your honey, you're in luck. You can still find love spoons at craft festivals or you can buy a how-to book, get a hunk of wood and carve your own. If you're looking for something a little less time consuming, why not swipe some silverware from the school cafeteria and make matching spoon bracelets for you and your beau?

Read more

What's your love token?
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Discovered that Sweet Bay Coffee House has celtic music on the second Sunday of the month from 2-4 pm. So the other day, we took ourselves up there and had a wonderful time.

Of course, had to have a cup of Cafe Au Lait to remind us of upcoming visits to Cafe Du Monde!

The musicians played a variety of celtic songs and instruments. 

And if the bodhran player looks familiar, you've seen him in my photos from Kelt's where he plays the harp as well!  And had some knitting with me, managing to complete the ribbed cuff for a hat while there.

Lady Macbeth even took off dancing to one of the more livelier numbers!  (With a little help from the bodhran player's lovely wife, Norma!

A wonderful way to spend an afternoon!

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About 80 miles from here is the nicest, most authentic UK Style pub ever -- "Kelt's" Since hubby had to work for Halloween/Samhain, we took off and spent the Sunday before at Kelt's for Brunch. Delicious food. Wonderful celtic harpist throughout the afternoon. It could not have been better

A tour


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