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Wedding 018

Our anniversary was Tuesday and since we both work, our celebration is this weekend with our favorite outing! The Muskogee Ren Faire.

For my gift, Sir Dragon Preacher got me a new sewing machine and it's the first ever all brand new one I've ever owned. A lower range Janome but sufficient for my needs and I LOVE it.


So, of course I had to use it and use it I did. Made him a monk's garb for tomorrow and a wizard robe to go over a purple sundress with medieval-looking embroidery on it.


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Finished a week late, but here's the first part of my Ancient Runes OWL for HPKCHC on Ravelry and Joe's Anniversary gift from me. The runes are his name on the first line (spelled phonetically) and the sigil for love of woman for a man

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and we're still living our happily ever after......


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Along with celebrating Memorial Day weekend, we also are celebrating our 6th Wedding Anniversary today!  Sometimes, it seems like its not been that long and other times... Well, I can't remember how it was without him :) 

 However, we did our celebration yesterday by taking in a movie double header.  Both of us have been wanting to see two different movies since we first heard about both of them over a year ago.  So we went to both!! Then dinner at Ryan's Buffet after.

Joe grew up reading the Iron Man comics.  I grew up watching one of the first animes here in the U.S.  Speed Racer (Yes I have spent my travels back from NJ collecting the McDonald's toys and currently am only missing the red and black car of the japanese driver :D!!)


Both were truly awesome and both followed the originals rather well and quite closely!  Can't wait for sequels!!

*toddles off to listen to her Speed Racer Soundtrack for the nth hundredth time today :D
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... that as of today it has been a year.  The seasons still change.  The sun still rises and sets.  The moon still follows it cycle and lights the night sky.  And he's been gone a year.  Some days its not hard at all.  Some days, a simple thing brings a memory and I laugh or cry or both.   In that year, the family has gone on and supported each other through it all.  But no matter what, you're missed.

I love you, Dad.

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After a great Palm Sunday service with the dedication of the new lightup outdoor cross that was donated to our church, I took Joe out for Chinese after, looked over at him as we ate and said, "By the way, Happy Anniversary!"  His eye went wide, his color drained and his mind worked overtime wondering what he was forgetting and how much trouble it was getting him into.  "No it's not... May"  (our wedding Anniversary).  I smiled.  "Happy Anniversary"  watching him continue to try to remember what he forgot.  Finally,  I gave in and told him.  "For you, dear.  Happy Ordination Anniversary"  For it was five years ago today, Joe was ordained as a minister and began his ministry as a pastor.


I love you. :)


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