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Some weeks you wonder just how you got through it.  This has been one of them

Joe and Pneumonia:  Never expected it was that.  Flu maybe but fortunately, as the doctor said, we caught it early and the antibiotics are working.  He's still coughing a lot and  has pulled a muscle from doing so much of it but he's definitely improved some since Tuesday. 

Work:  Sometimes, deadlines collide.  That has been the case this week and with a bit of help Thursday and Friday mornings from two wonderful ladies in the congregation, I managed to get published,copied, collated, folded and addressed and mailed:
  • 225 monthly newletters
  • 115 stewardship campaign packets
  • 20 meeting reminder cards
as well as completing regular duties of:
  • copying, folding, collating 60 bulletins
  • folding 14 more
  • prepping sanctuary for service Sunday
  • checks and bookkeeping
  • and other sundry duties as required
Taz:  Those of you who follow (should be all of you LOL) know I usually drive our black 2002 Grand Prix SE lovingly named Taz.  You also recall Taz has been rather ornery on some occasions with repairs.  Recently, it seems the transmission is having trouble and considering this was already rebuilt once, we did some looking around and found Merlin. 

Merlin is a 2007 Mercury Milan dealer leftover.  With only 75 miiles on him, he'll come with 34 months of a bumper to bumper warranty so that if anything happens I can take him to any Ford/Lincoln/Mercury dealer for service.  5 speed manual, a/c, heater, cd/am/fm and I believe he also has the plug in for mp3 (they made 2 versions and pretty sure this one has the connection).  Tardis Blue with Beige interior.  We trade in in a couple of hours.  Photos will follow

Excited but a bit bummed as not having had any car payments for 10 years now, that part is so gonna take some getting used to.

Sick Hubby

Oct. 28th, 2009 09:16 pm
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Well, had my trip back to see my son's last home game on his college soccer team. Planned to write about the trip and post photos but came back to hubby who was not feeling well. It got worse over the weekend and last night I took him to urgent care in Ft. Smith where we learned he has pneumonia.

They've put him on antibiotics and he's off work till Monday. They said we got in there early and that was good.

Once he's feeling better and my work settles down, I will definitely blog about the trip!
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... was Sunday and we again slept till we woke which turned out to be about 9 a.m.ish. A light breakfast in the room and we dressed and packed and loaded up the car to head home. On the way, as we were getting near the exit off I-40 for Sallisaw, we thought about seeing some things there we wanted to see.

The first stop was the 14 Flags Museum in downtown Sallisaw. Open every day and free, it's a sort of 'unmanned museum' set up in old log cabins, the first of which had been a judge's house. Stepping in the front doors to a small area, you could view the rooms set up from behind a plexiglass divider and see what life for the settlers here was like.
14 Flags and a Cabin )

and so ends our Labor Day weekend mini trip :D
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Picking up with where we left off with Day 1

Waking the next morning, we had a light breakfast and then took off for Safari Sanctuary in Broken Arrow. While there is a zoo in Tulsa, this really interested us, especially Joe who loves the Big Cats, because you could feed them. They are reasonable for admission and for $8 we got a bag of 10 chicken legs to feed the kitties, and he did! All funds raised goes back into the upkeep and care of the animals there. These have all come to them from "other situations". For example, one of the tigers, had been kept as a pet in a condo and abused by its owner.

Lions & Tigers & Ligers OH MY! )

Day 3 to come yet!
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Joe's birthday was in July but during the week rent was due so we never got a chance to do anything special for him. We decided instead, to get away for the Labor Day weekend since he'd have four days off with the holiday and I'd have three. I went ahead and took one vacation day for that Friday and we had a joint birthday weekend since mine was 3 September.

One of the things Joe had been wanting to do was visit Shepherd's Chapel in Gravette AR. It's pastored by a minister he respects greatly and has learned much from. So we found out what time to be there for the daily live bible study and after breakfast, headed on the 2.5 hour drive there.

We arrived with time to spare and were able to get to know some of the daily attendees as well as spend some time talking with the pastor, Rev. Arnold Murray as well as visit the bookshop and find these:
Day one of our weekend )

After dinner, it was back to the hotel and just relax with Flashdance and Grease 1 and 2 on tv and some reading for Joe and crochet for me!

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Now what could have led me to the Mall after we separated from archerpren? A desire to see Build-A-Bear in person and not just online. Hubby and I took a couple of wrong turns but other than that had an uneventful trip to the mall and found the shop.

Once there, I learned they are coming out with a Snow Owl on or around July 10th *grins*. However for now, I obtained Trevor :D
No, this is not dial up's friend here :D )
More photos here

Outlaw Raceway photos later :D    

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and we're still living our happily ever after......


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So we had to make a run to Ft Smith last night for some needed crafting supplies and a few other things.  Since Joe works 10 hrs, we stopped for dinner there at an Asian Buffet.  When we had come out, a dark green Pontiac Grand Prix was parked on the right side of MY dark green Pontiac Grand Prix.  I went to the driver's side of mine and looked over.........


Gas to Ft. Smith:   $7
Dinner at Buffet for 2:  $17
Watching your husband try to get in and then realize it's the wrong car?  PRICELESS   :D
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...I'm Glad I Was An Only Child -- Children's Sermons.

Joe preached at the church I work for today and had to do children's sermon as well.   His scriptures were Noah's ark and psalm 46 and his theme was even though God is with us thru everything - even the storms, being a christian still means we have hard work to do.  He sits down with the children on the steps at the altar and asks them...  "Any of you have animals to take care of?" 

They nod and answer with yes
Joe:  "Hard work isn't it?" 
Again they nod and there are definite oh yes answers again.
Joe:  "How many do you have?" 
One little girl:  "We have some cats and a dog." 
One brother and sister "We have 8 dogs" 
Joe:  "That's alot of work isn't it?" 

and goes on with his topic after they agree.  As he makes his point that we still have work to do and it will be hard, the sister pipes up with "Does that mean I still have to clean my room?"  After being told yes, and laughter, her brother adds "Mom and dad get mad cause she always leaves her clothes on the floor and the puppies go in and poop on them."

From the look she gave him, something tells me we might want to pray for his healing
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Along with celebrating Memorial Day weekend, we also are celebrating our 6th Wedding Anniversary today!  Sometimes, it seems like its not been that long and other times... Well, I can't remember how it was without him :) 

 However, we did our celebration yesterday by taking in a movie double header.  Both of us have been wanting to see two different movies since we first heard about both of them over a year ago.  So we went to both!! Then dinner at Ryan's Buffet after.

Joe grew up reading the Iron Man comics.  I grew up watching one of the first animes here in the U.S.  Speed Racer (Yes I have spent my travels back from NJ collecting the McDonald's toys and currently am only missing the red and black car of the japanese driver :D!!)


Both were truly awesome and both followed the originals rather well and quite closely!  Can't wait for sequels!!

*toddles off to listen to her Speed Racer Soundtrack for the nth hundredth time today :D
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Because [profile] jennbrad52 asked:

Five years ago, when we first moved to Oklahoma, we moved in and discovered that, since that parsonage had been vacant for over a year, a mouse had taken up residence. Several carefully laid traps took care of Mickey.

Ok, apparently Mickey was either Minnie or Michelle because several nights, I heard Moe, our cat we had then, scampering and then a squeak.  At this point I knew that cat's did not squeak, they meow, so I got up from the computer to look. He's teasing a baby mouse by my recliner. Now, Moe is NOT trying to catch or kill it, he's just playing peacefully with it.   (Apparently he needed Remedial Cat 101  ^_-)   I called for Joe to wake up and we got it with a broom and that was the end of Mickey Jr........   or so we thought

The next nite, Joe is getting ready to put his cup in sink and go to bed. As he walks in dining room, he sees a little mouse staring at him. Then the mouse sits up and stares some more. So he stomped him. We think this one was Bubba mouse (not the brightest one in the litter)

We took a quick trip to Virginia to close up things back there and arriving back that Tuesday, I'm on phone Tuesday evening and see a 3rd litte one run out from behind the tv along the wall. So I called for Joe and he gets on one side of the entertainment center and I get on other.  It runs past me but he manages to stomp that one on the run. HOWEVER, it still lays there squirming trying to get up. So he stomps it again and it still tries to get up.

Now this is where I think we get into overkill here. Joe gets his 33" mini Claymore and uses it to break its neck to finally kill it

So far we haven't seen any more but Joe is still just waiting with his Sword ready for more!
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After a great Palm Sunday service with the dedication of the new lightup outdoor cross that was donated to our church, I took Joe out for Chinese after, looked over at him as we ate and said, "By the way, Happy Anniversary!"  His eye went wide, his color drained and his mind worked overtime wondering what he was forgetting and how much trouble it was getting him into.  "No it's not... May"  (our wedding Anniversary).  I smiled.  "Happy Anniversary"  watching him continue to try to remember what he forgot.  Finally,  I gave in and told him.  "For you, dear.  Happy Ordination Anniversary"  For it was five years ago today, Joe was ordained as a minister and began his ministry as a pastor.


I love you. :)
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It's been a good birthday weekend in spite of the fact I've been sick.

Started with a wonderful SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Mail package from [personal profile] hp5freak and a Molly afghan.

Friday night after work, Joe took me to Bravo's, a small italian restaurant that we love to go to in Fort Smith, AR.  It was delicious with creamy garlic soup and salad.  A bruschetta for each of us and I ordered linguini olio agile while Joe had tortellini al fresco.  Both were great with some tiramisu for dessert!

Managed to get laundry done Saturday and organize some yarn for Ravelry stash log before having to lay down not feeling well.

Sunday after church though, we headed out to Altus and Kelt's Pub for brunch.  Joe took a book and I took crochet and we had a leisurely meal of fruit compote, eggs benedict, potatoes o'brien and black & tans followed by coffee.  On the way home, we stopped in Fort Smith at Hastings and for my birthday, Joe got me


Monday, we were back in Fort Smith at Sweet Bay Coffee House for lunch and to meet up with [personal profile] quietish and her family on their way back home from their weekend with  [profile] sociallyawkrd   As you can see the hobbits were quite fun and cute.  Especially Jamie and her cookie that she's pictured with.  Well it was supposed to be a cookie before she quite nicely conned her mother.  It seems when they went to the counter, J informed Mom there were no cookies so was able to select chocolate cake instead.  Mom pays turns to leave and bet you can't guess what Mom sees in the display case?  *lol*  Nice movie J!

And Rosemary gifted me with some beautiful yarn for my birthday!  SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Today, more SQUUUUUUUUUEEEEEEEEEEEEE mail arrived from West Virginia too in the form of a little black dragon with red trim from the lovely [profile] jennbrad52
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One of the disadvantages of Joe being a "part-time" pastor is that he has to work a full-time secular job and cannot always get a day off for different meetings in the District and State.  While he was able to take a vacation day last thursday for one in OKC, he could not get yesterday off for a charge reports training session but was allowed to send someone in his place. Ergo...... ME!

Took my crochet of course, left here at got to the meeting and upon returning home with my notes and handouts, the following conversation ensues:

Joe:  Hey!
Me:  Hi! Home!  *hugs*
Joe:  How was the meeting?
Me:  Great!!!  I got 3/4 of the body of a Molly sweater done at it
Joe:  *facepalm*

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..... too much HP on the brain when your husband is preaching and using eagles and their characteristics as examples and

He says:  Eagles are intelligent birds
You think:  RAVENCLAW

He says:     Eagles are Loyal
You think:     HUFFLEPUFF
He says:  Eagles are Couragous

He says Eagles will fend for themselves when they have to
And you think SLYTHERIN
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Besides thrift shopping, getting my tooth fixed, work, melting in the heat and working on more mollies, I also made these for our church. When Joe received this assignment, we found out the church did not have their own set of altar paraments but rather that the previous pastor had been borrowing from his other congregation. So, after seeing the price of them in the supply catalog and regaining conciousness, I found some bridal satin at hancock in the four liturgical colors and made 2 sets of reversible -- green (ordinary time)/purple (lent, advent) and white (Christmas, Easter, special events)/red (pentecost, holy spirit). And here are my first ever sewn altar paraments:

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Well, the Umbridge frog was not the only great find I had last week.  First off found two great shirts for my husband's Arthur Weasley costume!  Then the perfect Arthur Weasley hat! 

Arthur is stylin' n profilin' )
Add that to the sweater we had already found and cordoruoy pants he has and it's coming along!
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Some of you know that my husband, a minister, has been searching for a new pastoral position for 2 years now.  This past Sunday, he preached his first sermon in his new church 'family'.  It's a small church in a town 6 miles from here.  The people who are there though have been welcoming and its made a difference for us.

And without further ado, a few photos of the church itself. 

Howe UMC  )


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