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Wedding 018

Our anniversary was Tuesday and since we both work, our celebration is this weekend with our favorite outing! The Muskogee Ren Faire.

For my gift, Sir Dragon Preacher got me a new sewing machine and it's the first ever all brand new one I've ever owned. A lower range Janome but sufficient for my needs and I LOVE it.


So, of course I had to use it and use it I did. Made him a monk's garb for tomorrow and a wizard robe to go over a purple sundress with medieval-looking embroidery on it.


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So left Friday after Joe got off work and headed to[info]quietish's for the night and to go to the Medieval Faire in Norman, OK.   Posted some of the photos from it the other day.

We slept on the pullout couch in the living room and sometime during the night, I heard Joe talking to someone and moving around and heard the following conversation between hubby and the female waits hobbit as he woke up to the feeling of being watched and found her face 3" from his as she simply stood there quietly:

Joe:  J?  What's wrong?
J:  It's time to get up
Joe:  *grapples around looking for remote with time on it, finds it*  No it's not.  It's only 4:30.  Time to go back to bed.
J:  Oh okay *sound of feet running around pullout bed to parents' bedroom door and the door being thrown open IT'S 4:30!

Hehhe... we simply lay their laughing at it.

The Faire was wonderful and we watched the jousting, the juggler and wandered among the stalls of vendors.  I found a black panne market dress for future faires and also for HP conferences.  Also two necklaces, one is a dragon curled around a red and black stone and the other the crescent moon around a dark rainbow one.  The moon necklace and dress will work for the persona  [personal profile] hp5freak is helping me create as her minion, Moira Moonbeam.  Joe found a dirk he's been wanting at a very very good price there.

Justin managed to get a shot of us in our garb as well

From right to left, myself, [personal profile] quietish and Joe.


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