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So I haven't really posted what I've been up to since my trip to Memphis, except for a couple of projects. Time to show you what I've been accomplishing :D Err, and yes, these are all only since I came back the beginning of July
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Ok, so the last time I updated you on my Molly Sweater progress was here. Since then, alot of those parts have now become these which have now found homes with [livejournal.com profile] i_bleed_magenta ,[livejournal.com profile] jem_endured_fit , [livejournal.com profile] annamhudson , Lizzie, Melissa, Cnprpl and Shawna at Leaky Cauldron as well as [livejournal.com profile] sue_tlc , [livejournal.com profile] mjfutureweasley
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However, my craFting these past months did not stop there. I made the atc's and owls below for some swaps at Terminus, the tshirts for the DRAGONs team (Leaky Con 09 Informal Programming Team) to wear at Terminus as well as a crown for our Queen Dragon :), gifts for friends and fiends that I looked forward to spending time with while there (and did :D ).

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Made myself a shawl to wear to the ball at Terminus and then made shawls for [livejournal.com profile] hp5freak and her mom, [livejournal.com profile] lindal_2007

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There was a wedding at Terminus and I wanted to make a small something for the couple... this afghan

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And along with an apron above, made this for a Twilight swap with Cat

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.... To bring you an update on Molly Sweaters :D

Yes, I was working on them when I was gone and we went from

We now return you to our regularly catching up Week in the Life........ :D 
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Well, I posted after I finished the Malfoy Manor afghan that it was on to Molly Sweaters for all of you who have been patiently waiting.  And, though I wasn't able to work on them for a few weeks in March thanks to working for a church, husband a pastor and an early Easter, I have been otherwise.

So......... here's where they are now.

21 pairs of Molly sleeves

So as you can see, they are on their way and I've got them with me to work on while at Mom's !
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Ok whenever HP Crafts on Yahoo posts a challenge, I never ever have any ideas for what to make -- until this week when [profile] ofenjen posted the newest challenge.  You've accidently dropped your favorite item in a batch of shrinking solution.  I no sooner read that when my mind started screaming out an idea and so a Thursday night trip to Hobby Lobby for the right yarn and a bit of plotting, planning, guessing, crocheting, frogging later I have posted my entry on the group site!

So below is my post to the group describing my entry and the entry :D

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Ok, so when you finish something like this, what do you do next?  Well, you get working on your list of Molly's to do and start working on the twenty-one (yes you read that right) pairs of sleeves you'll need!

These are for [profile] sociallyawkrd, [personal profile] aria, from the Leaky Cauldron staff -  AccioLily, Sooner Gryffindor, MirandaV, Lady Madaysia, Eponine244, Dumbleydore18, Cnprpl, Wordsofwisdom, Lizzieangel90, Lunesta; as well as Rebecca at the Norman Public Library, [personal profile] scowling_hermit, [personal profile] i_bleed_magenta, [profile] mjfutureweasley, and [profile] annamhudson as well as two or three others I have in mind.

And no, I have not lost mine:D
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...and that's just what Molly #14 and 15 are... Mother/Daughter set for [personal profile] hp5freak  and her mum, [profile] lindal . Sorry its this late coming but they are finally done! Will pack up and send soon as I can find an owl for them :)

For others who are waiting I have not forgotten and am working on them as I can, the past few months have just been a bit 'harder' than I expected :)
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Molly Weasley
"Rules aren't meant to be broken, they are meant to be shattered at the speed of sound"
'What is your personal life motto?' at QuizGalaxy.com
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Having joined in on Stitch Stirrers, here's the first prompt:

Even if you don’t consider yourself a poet, this should be fun and easy. Your mission is to write a limerick–or several–about crochet. No starting with “There once was a man from Nantucket…” though!
What is a limerick? A limerick is a short poem, oftentimes humorous (although it doesn’t have to be), which consist of five lines. Lines 1, 2, and 5 should all three rhyme with each other, as should lines 3 & 4, thus creating a rhyme-scheme of aabba.
Need more info to get you started? Do a Google search on “example of limericks” or check out this site: How to Write a Limerick.
Have fun!

And here's my crochet Limerick for it! I have been recently turning out quite a few of Shelle Cain's Coat of Many Colors sweater based on the one Molly Weasley wears in Prisoner of Azkaban. soooooooooo

There once was a sweater on Molly
That turned out to be quite jolly
The pattern was made
She crocheted and crocheted
And put all of her friends in a Molly!
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Vladimir.....  My new laptop replacing Marius who stopped working near the end of that nice 16 day trek of mine in May.  And yes, I know several of you knew I planned to name this one either Marius or Maharet.  However, as I was setting him up, my mind was commanding my right index finger to type "m" while my left index finger is hitting "v" and the typing just continued until he was named Vladimir.  He wanted Vladimir he got Vladimir :D

Vladimir )

Still have some programs to add but up running and we're getting along quite nicely though Vista is 'interesting' ^_-

And as promised earlier some photos from Squee Mail received over my birthday weekend.

First off apologies to [profile] kimberly_elf for completely forgetting to mention the lovely photo album she designed and had sent to me with memories from Phoenix Rising that arrived on that Thursday:

Friday found the beautiful original design afghan from [personal profile] hp5freak

Come Tuesday, Alucard found his way to my home courtesy of Dragon Breeder [profile] jennbrad52

And just because I never did get a picture posted when I got it, this is Iggy the Owl made by [personal profile] quietish and he came home with me when I went to visit her for Mugglefest in June.  Also pictured is his sister, Toriya who came home with me also!

And in case you're wondering, yes I do love red and black, very much :D


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