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Well I've been meaning to post all this and planned last Friday to update but my internet went down and couldn't be fixed till Monday night.  But finally, here it is.

Firstly, I had promised some photos of awesome squeemail received and here they are.

From [livejournal.com profile] jennbrad52 , the most wonderfully warm and comfy pair of crocheted Maryjane slippers which I wear all the time at home.

The same day, I also received a package from [livejournal.com profile] scowling_hermit that contained the gorgeous painting she did of a water dragon (my own Nessie picture :) ) and the awesome Halloween banner.

Also, [livejournal.com profile] hardhatcat and I did a personal Twilight Trade and her package arrived full of fabulous goodies   A paperpieced Twilight Bag, Twi stationary, Twi Journal all made by her.  Bookmarks, stickers and some LaPush beach fabric.  An Australia pencil set as well as Liquorice Bullets (mmmmmmm  and think chocolate Good & Plenty!), Allsorts (which can be gotten in the US just not where I live) and Tim Tams and yes, I've done my first Tim Tam Slam.  Oh and [livejournal.com profile] ofenjen ?  The new Target in Ft. Smith does not have TimTams :(   She also included a book of dog sweater patterns with a cute set of knitting needles (little dogs on top)

Thank you all for the wonderful squeeness!!!

I've been getting some crochet done...  107 of 200 mini cauldrons done for the OKC Yule Ball... here's 50 of them

A Molly Sweater that Accio_lily on Leaky Cauldron has been waiting for for months!

Several 12" blocks in a CAL I'm in on Ravelry that will become an afghan for my bedroom and a Team Edward Tote that is the prize for the newest [livejournal.com profile] twilight_crafts  challenge

And my squeemail this wee was my copy of The Tales of Beedle the Bard that I won on friday (just before the internet died) at Hogshead.org!.  However, I have yet to read it as dear hubby grabbed it last night and hasn't finished yet.

Tonight we're going out.  The place we went to on Halloween has the same group coming back for "Celtic Christmas Night' and we're going to it for a while.  Weekend is mostly just relaxing at home and crafting. 

Also spent time updateing my pages on Ravelry, Cut Out and Keep and Deviant Art as well as MyCraftivity.com  I was rather excited when my internet came back on to see that one of my projecs on Cut Out and Keep is in the top 20!  Which is my pizza recipe that I've made since my kids were in school and they love.

Currently been catching up on getting some Molly Sleeves made for other Mollys that are being waited on and the mini cauldrons as well as the other pieces for Mollys.   Also, mailed out my cards for [livejournal.com profile] hardhatcat 's recipe swap this morning at the post office.

Still have to up date on the Metallica concert that was just fantastic!  But now its time to get ready to go out.

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I have spent the past few afternoons listening to this........

It seems the city needs to replace its very old waterlines with pvc lines and they've reached the area around our house.  So its a big cat with jackhammer going, small cat moving debris and digging and just loads of noise.

I've been distracting myself today working on a 'sekkrit project' for someone with a special event coming up.  Started it at the doctor's office last week waiting on the doctor to come in after the nurse took out the stitches

And right now its here:  But I'm stll working on it tonight.

Did get another Molly done and delivered to Chrissie just in time for the Wrock cruise she's going on.  Have a great time Chrissie!

Right now, the sky ahs darkened and the wind picked up a bit earlier with the temperatures dropping a bit but none of the rain they said we might get today.  But still nice weather to snuggle up with some crochet.

Okay, just to make a liar out of me, I no sooner typed the period for the preceding sentence when the rain started.  :D

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Ok, so the last time I updated you on my Molly Sweater progress was here. Since then, alot of those parts have now become these which have now found homes with [livejournal.com profile] i_bleed_magenta ,[livejournal.com profile] jem_endured_fit , [livejournal.com profile] annamhudson , Lizzie, Melissa, Cnprpl and Shawna at Leaky Cauldron as well as [livejournal.com profile] sue_tlc , [livejournal.com profile] mjfutureweasley
Lottsa Mollys )

However, my craFting these past months did not stop there. I made the atc's and owls below for some swaps at Terminus, the tshirts for the DRAGONs team (Leaky Con 09 Informal Programming Team) to wear at Terminus as well as a crown for our Queen Dragon :), gifts for friends and fiends that I looked forward to spending time with while there (and did :D ).

Crafty Crafts )
Made myself a shawl to wear to the ball at Terminus and then made shawls for [livejournal.com profile] hp5freak and her mom, [livejournal.com profile] lindal_2007

Shawls, shawls shawls )
There was a wedding at Terminus and I wanted to make a small something for the couple... this afghan

wedding gift )

And along with an apron above, made this for a Twilight swap with Cat

Team Edward )
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So ever since I returned from Terminus, 'Real Life' kicked in high and I've either been running like mad or laid up unable to do anything.  So it was, I've not been able to share some wonderful squee mail and goodies I've received over the past few weeks.

First off the lovely [livejournal.com profile] jennbrad52  spoiled me bigtime for my birthday with a lovely hand sewn crochet hook roll that is absolutely perfect for my light up hooks, a crocheted tribble, eyeball, bat, coffee cup holder, water bottle holder, a Twilight 'vampire in training' bookmark and dragon key ring.
SuperJenn strikes another victory )

Not to be outdone, The Princess aka [livejournal.com profile] hp5freak spoiled me with some yarns for my stash including awesome Glow in the Dark yarn and some hard to find rust I need for an afghan I designed.

Hail to the Princess )

I was totally surprised when this package from [livejournal.com profile] calypsobard  arrived with a pair of Tudor Rose dishclothes (tho they are too pretty for that and have become coasters for me, one at work and one by my computer/craft area) a crocheted snitch bookmark and fantastic handmade card!

Tudor Roses )
I really really think I came out ahead in this trade with [livejournal.com profile] annamhudson  for one of my Molly sweaters.  In return I received a beautiful dragon wall hanging, cards with drawings of Bella's Old Truck, a crochet hook roll (yes I do have enough hooks to fill both of them :D ) and a weighted bag to keep on the arm of the chair and hold supplies.

Goodies galore from Anna )

[livejournal.com profile] quietish  has been knitting goodies for the Crafty Witches and I received this just in time for Terminus :)

Rosemary Knits Hufflepuff )

Once again, a trade for a Molly resulted in something awesome as I received these beautiful Molly & Arthur ponies from the talented and wonderful [livejournal.com profile] scowling_hermit 

The Weasley Ponies )

And while I got them at Terminus and not as mail, these are definitely to be squeed over.  [livejournal.com profile] hp5freak  started the afghan on her way to Terminus and finished it up the second day there at the HP Crafter's Meetup and it's mine!!!  [livejournal.com profile] gray_overcast  made the lovely Hufflepuff Lightening Bolt Scarf and gifted me with it!  

Terminus goodies )
And one final surprise was in a package for the HP Yahoo Terminus swap I 'organized'  One of the swappers added this beautiful 'Lily" pin as a thank you for my work on the swap

Lily )

Hey I said it was Picspam :D

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Ok as [profile] ofenjen and [profile] jennbrad52  have already posted, the Leaky Cauldron Crafty Witches got together to do a thank you package for JKR when the last book came out.  My craft of choice  (ok I know you've guessed but humor me!) was A Molly Sweater for her. 

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.... To bring you an update on Molly Sweaters :D

Yes, I was working on them when I was gone and we went from

We now return you to our regularly catching up Week in the Life........ :D 
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It began with Day 1

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Continuing on from Day 1:

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Well, I posted after I finished the Malfoy Manor afghan that it was on to Molly Sweaters for all of you who have been patiently waiting.  And, though I wasn't able to work on them for a few weeks in March thanks to working for a church, husband a pastor and an early Easter, I have been otherwise.

So......... here's where they are now.

21 pairs of Molly sleeves

So as you can see, they are on their way and I've got them with me to work on while at Mom's !
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Ok, so when you finish something like this, what do you do next?  Well, you get working on your list of Molly's to do and start working on the twenty-one (yes you read that right) pairs of sleeves you'll need!

These are for [profile] sociallyawkrd, [personal profile] aria, from the Leaky Cauldron staff -  AccioLily, Sooner Gryffindor, MirandaV, Lady Madaysia, Eponine244, Dumbleydore18, Cnprpl, Wordsofwisdom, Lizzieangel90, Lunesta; as well as Rebecca at the Norman Public Library, [personal profile] scowling_hermit, [personal profile] i_bleed_magenta, [profile] mjfutureweasley, and [profile] annamhudson as well as two or three others I have in mind.

And no, I have not lost mine:D
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Having joined in on Stitch Stirrers, here's the first prompt:

Even if you don’t consider yourself a poet, this should be fun and easy. Your mission is to write a limerick–or several–about crochet. No starting with “There once was a man from Nantucket…” though!
What is a limerick? A limerick is a short poem, oftentimes humorous (although it doesn’t have to be), which consist of five lines. Lines 1, 2, and 5 should all three rhyme with each other, as should lines 3 & 4, thus creating a rhyme-scheme of aabba.
Need more info to get you started? Do a Google search on “example of limericks” or check out this site: How to Write a Limerick.
Have fun!

And here's my crochet Limerick for it! I have been recently turning out quite a few of Shelle Cain's Coat of Many Colors sweater based on the one Molly Weasley wears in Prisoner of Azkaban. soooooooooo

There once was a sweater on Molly
That turned out to be quite jolly
The pattern was made
She crocheted and crocheted
And put all of her friends in a Molly!
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One of the disadvantages of Joe being a "part-time" pastor is that he has to work a full-time secular job and cannot always get a day off for different meetings in the District and State.  While he was able to take a vacation day last thursday for one in OKC, he could not get yesterday off for a charge reports training session but was allowed to send someone in his place. Ergo...... ME!

Took my crochet of course, left here at got to the meeting and upon returning home with my notes and handouts, the following conversation ensues:

Joe:  Hey!
Me:  Hi! Home!  *hugs*
Joe:  How was the meeting?
Me:  Great!!!  I got 3/4 of the body of a Molly sweater done at it
Joe:  *facepalm*

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Since I last posted what I've been up to.  That's because for the past couple of weeks things have been busy and active and hectic and along with trying to complete mollys for friends, I've also had to complete an afghan for a wedding present by this past Saturday.  Joe had a wedding to officiate at our church and I made this for the couple.

And the gift is done on time )
As well as did their programs and a ceremony booklet for Joe to use during the service and then be a keepsake for them after.

wedding graphics )
Also, have been working on some mollys and mailed out three so far so [livejournal.com profile] kadidid, [livejournal.com profile] overcast,  and [livejournal.com profile] lezlishae  watch your mailboxes!!

     Even Umbridge needs a Molly )

::Bites:: )
   Delana! )
Currently just assembled and am putting the trim on[info]kimberly_elf's and have [livejournal.com profile] hpmommy's waiting to be assembled and trimmed.  The body for [livejournal.com profile] hp5freak's is almost done and will be starting another batch of sleeves as I work on more bodies as well.

Taking a break -- well is it a break if you're working on Mollys as you listen? -- Joe and i went back to Sweet Bay Coffee House in Ft. Smith for the celtic music they have on the second Sunday of the month.  It had been a few months since we'd been there so it was a nice way to relax.

Fiddles and bodhrans and flutes, oh my! )

Now, back to work on Mollys!

ETA: By they way if you are keeping count, that's 9 mollys completed! ETAA: because I can't tell an Lj name from a forum name some days *lol*
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As [personal profile] quietish has mentioned we had an AWESOME time at Mugglefest 2007.  Once again the Norman Public Library (Yay Rebecca!)  went all out and with the support of local businesses, provided an great day of Harry Potter fun and magic for area families.  Rosemary worked the information table during the afternoon and I was the prefect for the Care of Magical Creatures class.  One of the demonstrations involved creatures I cannot stand and am totally terrified of... he went to the FARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR end of the room away from where I would have to watch the door from me.  Obviously, as you have guessed by now there will be no photos of that guy in here.  However two wonderful officers from the Norman PD brought their partners, Pablo and Lux who were the most pleasant officers I have ever met.  Course I wasn't doing anything illegal with them around.  Two very beautiful german shepherds.

Pablo )

 At the end, each student received their own magical creature, a pygmy puff, to care for.  Over 300 pygmy puffs found a home.

Of course Lady Macbeth was with me and did a bit of fangirlin'

Ok Ok so I did too :)

HatP )

However, so did Emily, the Merch lady for HatP!  [personal profile] hp5freak had created some great little cookbooks she gave us at PR.  She let me have a few extras and I shared one with Emily who immediately began squeeing and fangirling [personal profile] hp5freak's creativity!

However, we did find some unusual looking fans at Mugglefest!  *giggles*

r2d2 )

A long but wonderful day!
Oh yea and what did I do between CoMC sessions... well, here's something you don't see every day Molly making Mollys!

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Currently spending what's left of the night in Cleveland TN on way to NOLA

Of course, it's been busy here with Jonathan's graduation Friday night, Dad's Memorial Mass Saturday night, Mother's Day Sunday.  While we thought yesterday would just be somewhat laid back and a couple of local errands, Mom and I ended up picking up my one daughter, Eileen at her work (Covington Walmart) to head for Lewisburg WV Walmart for yarn.  I ran out of carrot for the Mollys I'm working on and her store was out of it.  They had it so we went.  Mom treated us to dinner at Bob Evans and then we just did the shopping we needed or wanted to do before heading back home last night.

Along with that, a few photos under the cut to show you how I've filled my time since arriving here Friday morning. 


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