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Back here?  And one of the prizes was a skein of Lion Brand Moonlight Mohair? Well, I really got brave and this past weekend, attempted a bias knit scarf in some Mohair Yarn I had been gifted with and actually did it *squee*

100_3965 100_3966
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This past weekend, I received the most wonderful package from Ladyoflosttimes!!!

With my two favorite teas and an assortment of flavored coffees, as well as some tea on the go, she made the most amazing crocheted box of Valentine Candy. The whole thing!! Crocheted!!!

Absolutely Awesome

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ofenjen, these will be going out in the morning (along with something in there for you and Miss E I hope you like) *hugs8

100 6" granny squares (20 each photo)


3 12" granny squares

1 3x3' granny square blanket
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The Fabulous Cat in a stocking ornament I received from craftylilthing

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Made these today not only to wear on my trip this week, but as entries for HPKCHC Muggle Studies and the [community profile] starknuts July Challenge
Temperatures are reaching 105-110 degrees F in Oklahoma.  But they're releasing Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince in theatres so what do you wear?  Flipflops.  comfortable and cool.  But plain flipflops just don't have pizzazz.  What's a girl to do?

Ladies and gentlemen, it's time for another episode of "Pimp My Flipflops".  In today's show, we turn a pair of plain black flipflops into Huzzah Hufflepuff Flipflops using this simple and quick pattern found here, courtesy of Lion Brand Yarn. 

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This week, with no computer at work till it was repaired, I've spent time crafting to avoid the frustration it was causing with things I couldn't get done.

So on [profile] card_challenges , though the June Challenge mentioned Dads and Grads, I have neither in my family this year. Both Joe's and my father's are no longer on this side and my son don't graduate till next year. Make the card now and I'll never ever find it next year! *grins*

So I made a card that can be used to just say 'hi' or encourage - an all occasion card - using the Gate Method

Open me! )

In the meantime,using the miuku the cat pattern, my entry for the June Challenge over at [community profile] starknuts is inspired by the greatest inspiration ever,[profile] fabulous_catt herself.

Gaze on the likeness )Gaze on the likeness of the fabulous one )

As for HPKCHC, I've finished my Ancient Runes OWL with the completion of my triquetra tote. Also the badger baby bib and 2 sets of wristwarmers for quidditch



And in other crafts, I've completed a billywig, assorted wristwarmers, wands, cozys, atc's
More crafty goodness )
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Just posted the illusion pattern for the coffee cup here

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I've only knit maybe 2-3 things ever but I've never attempted Illusion Crochet. Honestly till you posted this, I never knew it could be done in crochet too. Though the only existing pattern was a cute heart. While hearts are not a bad thing, any one of my friends can quickly tell you I don't do 'cute'.

But I definitely do caffeine!!! So I decided to attempt to create my own pattern and with that I present my attempt at Illusion Crochet.

A mug of coffee with wisps of steam rising.

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