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who graduates next weekend from Appalachian Bible College (and that's being held up by my 6'2" hubby, Sir DragonPreacher)
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It's amazing how fast time flies. One minute their a newborn, so small and cute in your arms and the next you're packing to travel to their College Senior Soccer Game in a few days. *bilnks*

I've been travelling a good amount over the past two years between family events, conferences or visiting friends. A funny thing happened in all of this travelling, I've discovered my packing methods are nothing like they used to be. Previously, for a trip of a few days, I'd have a garment bag for hanging clothes, suitcase for other clothing, one for shoes, one for personal/hba items. I'd have a tote with a couple of books in it, maybe one or two small crochet projects.

Over these past two years, how that has changed. I still have the garment bag with my hanging clothes but now I shove everything else into the pockets, including one change of shoes so that extra suitcase is gone. Still got the personal/hba items bag - have to have that! But before you think about congratulating me on packing lighter, realize that the one tote bag as described above is no longer with me, well not like it used to be.

That tote bag now has the current project I'm in the midst of that's portable and easy to pull out no matter where I am. Be it waiting for my meal to come, standing in line waiting to check out, sitting in a traffic jam waiting to continue on.

It's those other two or three bags of crafty goodness that have seemed to taken over my packing list. After all, there has to be back up projects for when I finish that one in the tote. Then there's the fact that while sitting at where ever I'm staying in the evenings or mornings, I could pull out those larger projects that aren't quite so portable by still able to come with me. Of course, want to make sure you have the right hooks so in go the rollup cases with those in them and the small pencil box holding darning needles and stitch markers. That one tote has now exploded into the tote, one large Ikea style tote bag of additional projects, and a small weekender suitcase (yes the one that used to hold shoes) with extras in it

This may sound insane to you if you're not a crafter but the oddest thing is, many projects have been finished or at least had great progress made on previous road trips and that spurs me on to take them with me. After all, aren't most trips for relaxing and having a good time. Why leave home something that relaxes me so much?
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