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...and that's just what Molly #14 and 15 are... Mother/Daughter set for [personal profile] hp5freak  and her mum, [profile] lindal . Sorry its this late coming but they are finally done! Will pack up and send soon as I can find an owl for them :)

For others who are waiting I have not forgotten and am working on them as I can, the past few months have just been a bit 'harder' than I expected :)
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Well, the Umbridge frog was not the only great find I had last week.  First off found two great shirts for my husband's Arthur Weasley costume!  Then the perfect Arthur Weasley hat! 

Arthur is stylin' n profilin' )
Add that to the sweater we had already found and cordoruoy pants he has and it's coming along!
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...like a toad needs one of their own.  And when I was in the thrift shop in Little Rock with a friend last week saw this and it just called out "Send me to Umbridge!"  So tomorrow, this will be finding its owl post way to [profile] lezlishae for her Umbridge

ETA:  While the photo don't really show it, the frog is actually PINK itself not just the eyebrows :D
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Another Molly... Molly #10 ready to head to [profile] kimberly_elf 

And for those counting... 10 done, a bunch to go :D
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As [personal profile] quietish has mentioned we had an AWESOME time at Mugglefest 2007.  Once again the Norman Public Library (Yay Rebecca!)  went all out and with the support of local businesses, provided an great day of Harry Potter fun and magic for area families.  Rosemary worked the information table during the afternoon and I was the prefect for the Care of Magical Creatures class.  One of the demonstrations involved creatures I cannot stand and am totally terrified of... he went to the FARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR end of the room away from where I would have to watch the door from me.  Obviously, as you have guessed by now there will be no photos of that guy in here.  However two wonderful officers from the Norman PD brought their partners, Pablo and Lux who were the most pleasant officers I have ever met.  Course I wasn't doing anything illegal with them around.  Two very beautiful german shepherds.

Pablo )

 At the end, each student received their own magical creature, a pygmy puff, to care for.  Over 300 pygmy puffs found a home.

Of course Lady Macbeth was with me and did a bit of fangirlin'

Ok Ok so I did too :)

HatP )

However, so did Emily, the Merch lady for HatP!  [personal profile] hp5freak had created some great little cookbooks she gave us at PR.  She let me have a few extras and I shared one with Emily who immediately began squeeing and fangirling [personal profile] hp5freak's creativity!

However, we did find some unusual looking fans at Mugglefest!  *giggles*

r2d2 )

A long but wonderful day!
Oh yea and what did I do between CoMC sessions... well, here's something you don't see every day Molly making Mollys!

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On the trip home, stopped in West Virginia at a thrift shop for a break and found an awesome Arthur Weasley type sweater for Joe!

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Yep, been a few days.  Partly because I spent Easter weekend being sick with a cold.  Partly cause I've been keeping busy

This is 4 of the 123 Ashie's I've completed and sent to [profile] ofenjen

Jen is going to be weaving in ends and gluing on eyes for her crewmates in Lumien House.

Finished will be something like this

Although we see the eyes do need to be bigger........  And no, this is not the "secret project"  She and I have been working on!  That's still a secret!

Had some SQUEE mail come from [profile] jewells68 Monday.  A hufflepuff tie, a very pretty Pontalbon scarf, some badge holders for my siggy tag that [profile] lezlishae made for me that I made into a nametag for PR, a mask base AND Vladimir the puffskein!

*cuddles Vladimir* 

Oh and did I mention I started two more molly sweaters, got the cap for 4 sleeves done last night!

Now back to the ashies and then at 200, on to green crocheted music notes!!!
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Those of you who have read my Lj and other blog have already seen photos of Lady Macbeth!  She travels around with me and will be attending Phoenix Rising too!  So of course, Lady M will be needing outfits of her own.

Which is how
this )

and this )

were turned into


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And celtic music. Not as many musicians this time but just as good and just as enjoyable

Music )
Lady M had a good time )
Joe enjoyed reading and music )

And so did the 15 Streeler that were accomplished while there as well )
And This weekend, also got my mask finished for the Ball at PR

Finished creation )
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Last night, received my letter saying I was sorted into Pontalbon!  SQUEE  At the time, thought I had a skirt that would be good for uniform garb for me.  Now that I look at it not sure.

What do you think?

However did find a nice tie that can be used for Ravenclaw for hubby yesterday at a thrift shop

And finally took photo of my finished Molly #4 which needs to be packed up and mailed

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It's been a rather interesting week!

Started out a nice Sunday out with Joe that ended up in me spending all of Sunday night up sick.  After taking a sick day Monday to recover and sleep, things began to look up and kept doing so!

With the money I had put away and did not have to spend on repairing Marius, I found really good deal on decent new digital so should cure my fuzzy photo ills and will be hear shortly again thanks to Ebay.
My Phoenix Rising Registration has transferred and confirmed and I've taken the sorting quiz and now impatiently
calmly wait for their reply (*runs off to check email yet again, returns*).  Tried to keep myself occupied with coming up with a fractured Phoenix Rising version of the "Pina Colada (Escape) song"!
And a book release date...but not sure how I feel.  Looking forward to new book.  So close to the movie release....  wish we could have savored each moment more.
Also made a trip to Goodwill in Fort Smith yesterday and found a nice longsleeve black turtleneck and long black skirt for McGonagall's 'dress' now to just get my sewing machine fixed so I can make her green robe!

And along with the Molly Sweater, kept busy this week working on a new craft for a swap I'm in and made a few other things as well as you can see!  Good thing I know a couple of other Ravenclaws :)

And this afternoon, I even managed to get Marius hooked up and running with his new wireless card!  Yes, definitely been a good week!


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