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Well it's been a rather interesting two months between Joe's losing two weeks of work with pneumonia the beginning of last month and my attempt at slicing my thumb off this past Friday.

Joe's been back to work and is doing much better, fully recovered.  Me?  I miss having full use of my right thumb but fortunately, its still attached.  Probably should have gone for stitches but after losing two weeks of pay with Joe sick plus the trip to the urgentcare and the trip to ER and the bills from those, I refused to go when Joe tried to talk me into going to ER for this.  However, we did get the bleeding to stop and will just wait out the healing.  Did I mention ow? lol

I know many of you have had Christmas Card posts and since I was not sure about finances did not post to them which is a good thing because now I can't even write them out ^_- 

But please know that we both wish you all the most wonderful things this holiday season and much love and joy and good fortune in the new year.
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The Fabulous Cat in a stocking ornament I received from craftylilthing

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Inspired by [info]pennswoods work here (with apologies to Clement W. Moore)

Twas Trevor

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the town,
Trevor was celebrating as the snow tumbled down.
His santa hat settled square on his head,
He had no plans tonight for early to bed.

This cute little toad was off looking for joy
and hoping that Santa would leave him a toy.
Not worrying about shopping, he had it all done
Trevor wanted to find friends and have fun.

To Diagon Alley he hopped in a hurry,
Looking for Crookshanks, his buddy so furry.
Further along was Winky and Kreacher,
With butterbeer enough for all of the creatures.

Thanks to the floo, they were soon on their way
To Hogsmeade where they would await Christmas Day.
For Trevor knew more would make the day merry,
Along with firewhiskey and some good old sherry.

It wasn't too long before more join the party,
With wishes for all that were sincere and hearty.
Trevor smiled with delight when he spotted them all,
And across the Three Broomsticks you could hear him call:

To Neville and Luna
Ginny and Harry
Ron and Hermione
Telling them not to tarry
Gryffindors, Slytherins, 'Puffs and 'Claws,
House didn't matter, he'd invited them all,
So it was he shouted and raised his glass
Happy Christmas to one, Happy Christmas to all.

Lady Dragonsinger 2009
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Recent received wonderful Christmas Squee Mail in the past two weeks from

[livejournal.com profile] jennbrad52 
[livejournal.com profile] hp5freak 
[livejournal.com profile] ofenjen 
[livejournal.com profile] hardhatcat 
[livejournal.com profile] lezlishae 
[livejournal.com profile] fyrestar1 

and a wonderful Christmas drabble from elvenlaughter!  Also a box from my daughter!

And loved everything.  Would have posted sooner but had been trying to get everything together for our trip to Ohio which was wonderful

Photos later
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Have been spending the last week and a half working and getting together several projects.  A friend asked me to make a baby blanket for their grandson - Yellow border, Dark blue center and athe word NAVY in yellow in the center.  The mom was in the Navy and the dad still is.  Graphed out a project for my walking partner's grandson and up to 130 mini cauldrons for the OKC Yule Ball. 

Joe and I have also been fighting colds and trying to avoid the 'he gave it to me/igave it to him/he gave.." merrygoround.  So for so good but it did halt the walking for a bit and with the cold temps and the holidays, Maria and I put are taking a few weeks off till after New Years.  Going to see what the temps do after the holidays to figure when we can start back up again.

Managed to actually get some cards mailed out this year, first year I have in a few.

AND, for the first time since we moved here, Joe has enough days off that we can actually do something for the holidays and so when I get off work today, we're heading to Bucyrus Ohio to visit his mom and siblings (4 out fo 5, #5 lives in Lubbock, TX) for Christmas.  While I've been able to go back and see my mom (and dad before he died) since we've moved to Oklahoma, Joe hasn't been able to and hasn't seen his mom since our wedding 6 1/2 years ago.  So off we go.  14.5 hour drive should arrive early morning tomorrow.  Plans are for everyone to gather at one of his brothers for Christmas dinner. 

Managed to find some small gifts for his siblings and their spouses to take with us and last night finished an afghan for his mother (did I mention I didn't hink of doing it till after we decided for sure we were going this Saturday???)  Since mom doesn't even have a computer, I'll probably be offline till we get back sometime Sunday unless I can pick up wireless somewhere.  So....

From Joe and I, we wish you the most wonderful Christmas/Yule and until then, perhaps I should light the tree so you can enjoy that while I'm gone???  


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As I mentioned in an earlier post, over the past few weeks, I have been the recipient of some fabulous Squee Mail that I can finally share pictures with you now.

Well almost .... I wasn't as patient as others and ate Jen's delicious candies before taking photos :D

Well the first one wasn't actually mailed but my husband's gift for me this year.  He found me a black and silver stocking and a mini one that is black, silver and red.  Three Christmas cds -- Christmas with the Rat Pack, TSO Walmart special edition, and The Three Tenors.  Finally, he got me the original Miracle on 34th Street on DVD.  My three children went together and bought me a new 7mp digital camera for Christmas along with a 2gb memory card :D I have been using it since and it really makes a difference in the photos !

Peek now! )

Some wonderful squee mail from the Crafty Witches, starting with [profile] jennbrad52  a beaded dragon necklace and a hufflepuff crocheted purse!

And of course, there was the package from [personal profile] hp5freak  which contained floo powder, crayons, Hufflepuff wristwarmers and a lovely crocheted snowflake as well as a surprise from [personal profile] quietish  in the form of rum balls and beautiful yarn and the cutest ornament photo of one of her hobbits! Once again, [profile] lezlishae  proved herself Queen of Spellotape (electrical/duct tape) with a Hufflepuff Christmas Card!! While made golden snitch ornaments that she sent with little koala and Aussie calender.

Crafty Witches ROCK! )

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...Summer Vacation Winter Non-Motivation bout with depression time.  While I've been alternating between battling being sick and battling various firsts (Thanksgiving in November, Dad's birthday December 10, Christmas and New Years)  I really haven't posted much of myself.  Well, finally uploaded two months worth of photos from my cameras and can share a bit of what I have managed to accomplish and been doing with myself a bit.

Did manage to finish three more Mollys (numbers 11, 12 and 13 for those keeping count)  One was for a crafty witches project which I forgot to take a photo of before mailing to [profile] josee_madalia  and the other two were for a swap on HPCrafters

Along with that, Joe and I decided to do Christmas ornaments for our congregation for each Sunday in Advent (four) with something attached to each one explaining the meaning.  One was simple gold stars that sparkled that we found at Walmart in packs of 16 (A star shone in the East).  Others were the Christmas Nail with poem -- simple concrete nails with a red ribbon tied for a hanger.  Also found beaded ornament kits - candy cane and crosses.

Along with this, for Christmas Eve, we found snowglobes with the nativity in them for each family.  Small church which made it rather doable.

Christmas was nice here as the congregation decorates for the season and it was really nice and 'homey' feeling when we went.

Especially with all of my decorations still in storage.  Maybe this year I'll be able to move and decorate again :)

I'll do a squee mail catch up post later and also one about our weekend adventures last week later!
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Dec. 17th, 2007 01:13 pm
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Ok yes I have been absolutely totally slack on Christmas. The extent of my decorating is *points to icon*. But considering all our decorations are still in storage for the third holiday in a row, it's a bit hard to try decorating :(

the past few weeks have been a bit rough as it's first Thanksgiving, his birthday and holidays without my father. Turn on any Christmas music and I get weepy.

I have a beautiful card from my two favorite fiends [personal profile] alabastard and [personal profile] alabastardragon and it really really helped brighten a hard day for me by arriving on dad's birthday and reminding me I'm not alone.  Thank you both... *hugs*

Over the weekend a very surprise package arrived from a certain crafty witch in Australia!  Thanks so much [profile] hardhatcat.  Pictures will be forthcoming.

Today, I have a squee mail from [profile] ofenjen and it's delicious.  Picture?  Yeah yeah, I know [profile] freakyartychick had enough self control to take a photo before delving in but then I'm not her :D  LOL.  But it looked just like hers too :D  *hugs Jen*  thanks and its delicious: 

And zomg!  the cutest Hufflepuff christmas card from [profile] lezlishae  That girl is amazing with duct tape!!!  *hugs* hard.

I'm still trying to get cards done.. I've moved them closer to the desk -- which is an improvement over last year :D

Joe and I have been preparing for the holidays at the church and celebrating Advent in the meantime each Sunday.  I have managed to be somewhat productive in obtaining or making ornaments for the congregation for each Sunday so far and attaching explanations or 'histories' with them.  So far have done the Christmas Nail, the Candy Cane, the Star.  Currently working on beaded crosses for this coming Sunday and we have little Nativity snow globes for the communion service this coming Wednesday night. 

Have also been productive on another project for HPC.  It's getting there Jen :)

Anything other Christmas shopping???  Not even started :(

Ah well, just taking it one day at a time.

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gacked from [livejournal.com profile] hardhatcat

On the twelfth day of Christmas, dragonsinger954 sent to me...
Twelve vampire chronicles drumming
Eleven totem animals piping
Ten german shepherds a-knitting
Nine dragons baking
Eight vampires a-hellsing
Seven dogs a-scrapbooking
Six gypsies a-crafting
Five ce-e-e-eltic legends
Four used bookstores
Three highland games
Two orthodox icons
...and a lotr in a scottish history.
Get your own Twelve Days:
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Gacked from [personal profile] rubymulligan

On the twelfth day of Christmas, dragonsinger954 sent to me...
Twelve vampire chronicles drumming
Eleven totem animals piping
Ten german shepherds a-knitting
Nine dragons baking
Eight vampires a-hellsing
Seven dogs a-scrapbooking
Six gypsies a-crafting
Five ce-e-e-eltic legends
Four used bookstores
Three highland games
Two orthodox icons
...and a lotr in a scottish history.
Get your own Twelve Days:
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Gacked from "Too Numerous to Mention"

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

In May I pulled over and changed [livejournal.com profile] ceilia_star's flat tire (15 points). Last month I committed genocide... Sorry about that, [livejournal.com profile] faire_damsel (-5000 points). Last Wednesday I gave change to a homeless guy (19 points). Last week I bought porn for [livejournal.com profile] lestatdenuit (-10 points). In July I ruled Iran as a kind and benevolent dictator (700 points).

Overall, I've been naughty (-4276 points). For Christmas I deserve a spanking!


Write your letter to Santa! Enter your LJ username:
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December 26th.........Feast of St. Stephen   aka Boxing Day

St. Stephen was one of the first 'social workers' in the Church, and it was his task to organize meals to feed the poor. In remembrance of Stephen's work for the needy, the British people used to collect money throughout the year in little clay boxes. On the feast of St. Stephen or 'Boxing day' as it is called in Britain, these boxes were broken and the money was distributed to the poor. (This is the origin of the 'piggy bank.')

In some homes and communities a box is labeled and set beside the Christmas tree. Members of the family, in gratitude for their Christmas blessings, choose one of their gifts for the "St. Stephen's Box" — clothing and other useful articles which are sent abroad to the poor or to a mission country.

"As the family gathers around the lighted Christmas tree in the evening to eat minced meat pie dessert, the mother or father reads the story of Good King Wenceslaus who "looked out on the Feast of Stephen" and who enjoyed eating his minced meat pie after sharing his meal with a poor peasant family. The story is delightfully told in More Six O'Clock Saints by Joan Windham, and can easily be acted out by the children. Afterwards all join in singing Christmas carols, especially "Good King Wenceslaus."
From Twelve Days of Christmas by Elsa Chaney, Liturgical Press.


St. Stephen's Day immediately follows Christmas, and the Church rejoices in this first testimony by blood to the fact of the Incarnation. Children love the Acts story about St. Stephen, who for love of God was stoned to death while praying for his enemies. It is also becoming a practice to pray particularly for our enemies, and it is appropriate to remember the persecuted Church throughout the world and all the people who, like Stephen, are being afflicted for their faith.


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From our Dragon Weyr to yours


Dec. 24th, 2006 08:44 pm
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You Are a Sentimental Gift Giver

Your gifts are warm, caring, and very personal.
You know that it's the thought that counts...
And you definitely put the most thought behind your gifts.
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Your Elf Name Is...

Fuzzy Candy Cane Lips


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