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Over the past few weeks have received some wonderful squeemail. You've already seen the awesome Halloween Swap goodies from craftylilthing, but there's more :D
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I really haven't gotten a lot of crochet or crafting done since my last post with having some projects to deal with at work and Joe's being sick but there is some :D
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It's amazing how fast time flies. One minute their a newborn, so small and cute in your arms and the next you're packing to travel to their College Senior Soccer Game in a few days. *bilnks*

I've been travelling a good amount over the past two years between family events, conferences or visiting friends. A funny thing happened in all of this travelling, I've discovered my packing methods are nothing like they used to be. Previously, for a trip of a few days, I'd have a garment bag for hanging clothes, suitcase for other clothing, one for shoes, one for personal/hba items. I'd have a tote with a couple of books in it, maybe one or two small crochet projects.

Over these past two years, how that has changed. I still have the garment bag with my hanging clothes but now I shove everything else into the pockets, including one change of shoes so that extra suitcase is gone. Still got the personal/hba items bag - have to have that! But before you think about congratulating me on packing lighter, realize that the one tote bag as described above is no longer with me, well not like it used to be.

That tote bag now has the current project I'm in the midst of that's portable and easy to pull out no matter where I am. Be it waiting for my meal to come, standing in line waiting to check out, sitting in a traffic jam waiting to continue on.

It's those other two or three bags of crafty goodness that have seemed to taken over my packing list. After all, there has to be back up projects for when I finish that one in the tote. Then there's the fact that while sitting at where ever I'm staying in the evenings or mornings, I could pull out those larger projects that aren't quite so portable by still able to come with me. Of course, want to make sure you have the right hooks so in go the rollup cases with those in them and the small pencil box holding darning needles and stitch markers. That one tote has now exploded into the tote, one large Ikea style tote bag of additional projects, and a small weekender suitcase (yes the one that used to hold shoes) with extras in it

This may sound insane to you if you're not a crafter but the oddest thing is, many projects have been finished or at least had great progress made on previous road trips and that spurs me on to take them with me. After all, aren't most trips for relaxing and having a good time. Why leave home something that relaxes me so much?
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So I haven't really posted what I've been up to since my trip to Memphis, except for a couple of projects. Time to show you what I've been accomplishing :D Err, and yes, these are all only since I came back the beginning of July
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There's a peace found in old friends that can't be found many other places. You know those old friends -- not so much in age or time known -- but in the foundation that developed and remained and all that has been built on it ever since. The friends that don't care what you scruff around your house in because they're there to see you not your house or latest outfit.

The ones who won't be able to bail you out cause they're right next to you :D

They are the ones you're comfortable with and sometimes don't have to say what's wrong but just let them know something's not right and they're with you supporting you, even with distance between you both, you can still feel their touch when you need a hug.

The kind of friends I've found in the Crafty Witches here. We don't always agree. We don't always like the same books or movies ... Well except Harry Potter! :D But whenever something is wrong, they are among some of the first people I know I can turn to.

And sometimes, that old friend can be a pattern that you know so well you can do it in your sleep but the familiarity of it is like a warm hug that protects you from the onslaught of whatever is trying to 'invade your peace'. The repetitive and well-known working that you do without thinking because you've done it enough times to know it by heart.

This past month, that's where I've had to turn, to my fellow CW's and when they're not available to that familiar pattern that I've worked before. Finding new patterns is wonderful, but it's always nice to know those old friends are always there for you.
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Even though I've been travelling, I've still be keeping up with classes on the HPKCHC and the Herbology assignment. was

Wand Trees
This month we will be learning about wand trees. Students should knit, crochet or spin something that relates to the tree that your personal wand’s wood came from. Be sure to include a brief explanation including which tree and how your project connects, especially if it isn’t obvious.
Traditional wand trees are holly, hawthorn, oak, vine, willow, ash, mahogany, yew, and elder but others are accepted.
Bonus points will be given for providing details about your personal wand that include wood, length, core material and flexibility (for example your professor’s wand is redwood, 14”, resilient, containing the hair of a Pacific mermaid), as well as an explanation of why your wand’s wood is right for you.
My wand is
Wood: Ebony & Bloodwood
Core: Dragon Heartstring
Length: 12 1/2"
Strength: Sturdy
Maker: Whirlwood Wandmakers

This wand found me when I met the chief wandmaker in Chicago last year. The woods were my favorite colors, the dragon heartstring from the magical creature that is my patronus and totem. It was as if the wand had been waiting for me to come to it and I did

I made the scarf below from a variegated yarn that illustrates it so perfectly.

The black and red = ebony and bloodwood
The purple so reminds me of the many faceted jewel eyes of a dragon
The black eyelash = the dragon heartstring.

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Made these today not only to wear on my trip this week, but as entries for HPKCHC Muggle Studies and the [community profile] starknuts July Challenge
Temperatures are reaching 105-110 degrees F in Oklahoma.  But they're releasing Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince in theatres so what do you wear?  Flipflops.  comfortable and cool.  But plain flipflops just don't have pizzazz.  What's a girl to do?

Ladies and gentlemen, it's time for another episode of "Pimp My Flipflops".  In today's show, we turn a pair of plain black flipflops into Huzzah Hufflepuff Flipflops using this simple and quick pattern found here, courtesy of Lion Brand Yarn. 

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This week, with no computer at work till it was repaired, I've spent time crafting to avoid the frustration it was causing with things I couldn't get done.

So on [profile] card_challenges , though the June Challenge mentioned Dads and Grads, I have neither in my family this year. Both Joe's and my father's are no longer on this side and my son don't graduate till next year. Make the card now and I'll never ever find it next year! *grins*

So I made a card that can be used to just say 'hi' or encourage - an all occasion card - using the Gate Method

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In the meantime,using the miuku the cat pattern, my entry for the June Challenge over at [community profile] starknuts is inspired by the greatest inspiration ever,[profile] fabulous_catt herself.

Gaze on the likeness )Gaze on the likeness of the fabulous one )

As for HPKCHC, I've finished my Ancient Runes OWL with the completion of my triquetra tote. Also the badger baby bib and 2 sets of wristwarmers for quidditch



And in other crafts, I've completed a billywig, assorted wristwarmers, wands, cozys, atc's
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Yes another new pattern, this one is for a

Crocheted Billywig

Enjoy :)

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Pattern for Hufflepuff Badger Baby Bib!
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House Bracelet (yes, I know its Slytherin *grins*)


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So last night and this morning, I completed two of the six new classes at HPKCHC for June.

Sharing the posts and crafts with you now :D


Dragonsinger of Hufflepuff with her completed assignment.

When visiting Diagon Alley, one of my favorite places to stop in is [Fabulous Starknuts & Knits][1]

Starknuts is conveniently located in Diagon Alley and open to all Floo Networks with a sizeable fire place. Upstairs from the coffee shop is the Yarn shop for all your knitting and crocheting needs.

They use a special charm so that your beverage remains at your preferred temperature for as long as you have it. We offer a variety of flavors and drinks, both hot and cold.

Was by there just today and picked up some tea for my tealeaf reading. They have the most wonderfuly charmed teabags that allow the leaves to sift out so that they are in your cup for reading after finishing your tea.



My employer, Mr. Arthur Weasley has always been fascinated by the muggles and their inventions. One particular item has held strong interest by him, the muggle Rubber Ducky. It seems the muggles place great pride in their rubber duckys, for few muggle bathrooms are without them. They even write songs praising the virtues of the Rubber Ducky as you can see by these [lyrics][1].

Mr. Weasley has been researching this matter and seemed to notice the popularity of Rubber Duckys increased at the same apparent rate as the muggles' usage of 'Electricity' and has come to the theory that these Rubber Duckys protect muggles frome electrocution when immersed in water in their bathtubs, as this seems to be the primary time for muggles to use these Rubber Duckys.

Based on Mr. Weasley's years of research, I humbly present a Rubber Ducky for your approval.

It seems this ducky encourage muggle children to submit themselves to cleaning and bathing, something we wizard parents do not need to do as we have various cleaning spells to remove dirt and grime from our children (Yes, I have used scourgify on my son after soccer games played in mud thank you very much!)

Dragonsinger of Hufflepuff

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Finished a week late, but here's the first part of my Ancient Runes OWL for HPKCHC on Ravelry and Joe's Anniversary gift from me. The runes are his name on the first line (spelled phonetically) and the sigil for love of woman for a man

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According to Merriam Webster Dictionary, one of the definitions of frustration is "a deep chronic sense or state of insecurity and dissatisfaction arising from unresolved problems or unfulfilled needs."

Yep, I would say that would do it. I'd say this because this morning, frustration tried to be my new bff. An event at work, eventually resolved, tried to take 'frustration' to new levels when five months of entries in a program disappeared. In the end, I won and things were restored to where they should be and eventually the frustration level lowered. Sometimes, though it does not return to normal immediately and you are left just hanging there in this sort of limbo state.

Its those time, I am so thankful for being crafty. Instead of pacing, fidgeting, or even snacking to try to rid the remaining feelings I can simply pull out my crochet hook or knitting needles.......

OH! No no not to stab anyone, though now that you mention...... oh never mind.

No, to sit and work. It is times like this I pick up a simpler project. Something repetitive and begin to push myself to work on it. It is in the repeating of the same stitch or series of stitches over and over that I find I begin to calm down and focus on more pleasanter thoughts.

Perhaps its what the finished piece will look like. Who I'm making it for. Or what I can work on when this is finished. Whatever it may be, the crafting takes me to my happy place. A place where I can be calmer and relaxed.

Won't you join me?
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When the road you walk is rough going and it seems like everything is ganging up on you, why do we set our crafts aside and stare at them unfocused? I know I do it. I've recently done it. Having received some rather sad news last month, I really have not touched my crafts since then until this weekend. The joy/focus/mojo just hasn't been there. The desire missing.

Somehow this weekend, something caused me to think about finding the joy of it again and I realized the joy is in each completed stitch that I do in my projects. Each stitch becomes a piece of joy building together to a larger cache of joy that will be either used in my home (yeah right! Don't ask how many things I've kept I've made.) or in someone else's life. If you don't believe that, just watch the face of someone who's just received something you made for them. It starts with the eyes and as the eyes get bigger the mouth joins in with a smile or an 'oh' as they appreciate what they have just received.

This is the joy that must be found again, unearthed once again if you will. So one stitch at a time, I have spent the past couple of days coming out of a funk and finding that joy. It's been slow, but it has been good as well. So I return to my WIP's and creating more joy.
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Submission applications for Fanart/craft gallery and other programming

Yup! That link is where you can submit presentations, tutorials, or
your wonderful talented work for the FA\crafts room.

However, submissions close at the end of the month so please make sure
you get your ideas for exhibits submitted before the deadline! The
work itself does not have to be completed till the conference but we need
to know you wish to provide an exhibit!

You know you want to! :)

Anything you could do to get the word out would be much appreciated as

Happy creating!


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