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So I haven't really posted what I've been up to since my trip to Memphis, except for a couple of projects. Time to show you what I've been accomplishing :D Err, and yes, these are all only since I came back the beginning of July
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This week, with no computer at work till it was repaired, I've spent time crafting to avoid the frustration it was causing with things I couldn't get done.

So on [profile] card_challenges , though the June Challenge mentioned Dads and Grads, I have neither in my family this year. Both Joe's and my father's are no longer on this side and my son don't graduate till next year. Make the card now and I'll never ever find it next year! *grins*

So I made a card that can be used to just say 'hi' or encourage - an all occasion card - using the Gate Method

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In the meantime,using the miuku the cat pattern, my entry for the June Challenge over at [community profile] starknuts is inspired by the greatest inspiration ever,[profile] fabulous_catt herself.

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As for HPKCHC, I've finished my Ancient Runes OWL with the completion of my triquetra tote. Also the badger baby bib and 2 sets of wristwarmers for quidditch



And in other crafts, I've completed a billywig, assorted wristwarmers, wands, cozys, atc's
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Finished a week late, but here's the first part of my Ancient Runes OWL for HPKCHC on Ravelry and Joe's Anniversary gift from me. The runes are his name on the first line (spelled phonetically) and the sigil for love of woman for a man

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Owls on their way to [profile] jennbrad52, [personal profile] scowling_hermit, and Ariel!  

Owl Alert!

Apr. 9th, 2008 11:35 am
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Owls taking flight to [profile] annamhudson, [personal profile] quietish, and [profile] ofenjen today :)

Pictures when they arrive please as I was at work and didn't have my camera with me.
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Vladimir.....  My new laptop replacing Marius who stopped working near the end of that nice 16 day trek of mine in May.  And yes, I know several of you knew I planned to name this one either Marius or Maharet.  However, as I was setting him up, my mind was commanding my right index finger to type "m" while my left index finger is hitting "v" and the typing just continued until he was named Vladimir.  He wanted Vladimir he got Vladimir :D

Vladimir )

Still have some programs to add but up running and we're getting along quite nicely though Vista is 'interesting' ^_-

And as promised earlier some photos from Squee Mail received over my birthday weekend.

First off apologies to [profile] kimberly_elf for completely forgetting to mention the lovely photo album she designed and had sent to me with memories from Phoenix Rising that arrived on that Thursday:

Friday found the beautiful original design afghan from [personal profile] hp5freak

Come Tuesday, Alucard found his way to my home courtesy of Dragon Breeder [profile] jennbrad52

And just because I never did get a picture posted when I got it, this is Iggy the Owl made by [personal profile] quietish and he came home with me when I went to visit her for Mugglefest in June.  Also pictured is his sister, Toriya who came home with me also!

And in case you're wondering, yes I do love red and black, very much :D
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...of [profile] ofenjen and I can now be revealed.   A group of us were going to Phoenix Rising and I had been thinking on IM one day that it would be so cool if you could find those autograph stuffed animals as owls.  Jen suggested making them.  She make and stuffed the owls and put on the beaks and feet.  My dear husband, Joseph, made the hats, glasses and wands for me and glued on their eyes.  I attached the hats, glasses and wands as well as knitted and attached house scarves and mini brooms and here they are.


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