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Still in Virginia, at DSLCC again today.  Hospice to come by mom's around 1:30ish and this morning dad actually said he would let them bathe him so we shall see.  He's about the same....though its small changes each day that remind you he's not getting better. 

Not getting out of bed at all since Wednesday.  Today asked for his coffee in a plastic mug mom had as the ceramic one he's always used became too heavy for him to hold.  All we can do is make him comfortable, love him....and wait.

Still planning to head for home around 3 ish (EST) tomorrow.  Spent last night on the mollys again

So far have 2 back finished, the both front panels to one and one front panel to the second one. 

My eldest is coming over from Roanoke when she gets off work today to spend time with him and I'll get to see her too.

Miss you all
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*stares and reads comments over past two days and mutters "In public cafe will not cry" over and over and over*

So far I'm not...but it was amazing to log on and see all these wishes. It means alot ...

Dad's eating very little, mostly soft, but you can see how hard he has to work to breathe. If nothing happens by Saturday, I'll return home and come back May 10th as planned (son gets AAS on 11th) prior to Phoenix Rising. Then down to NOLA. If anything happens between now and then, Mom plans for us to go after PR (will come back here) to take ashes to NJ for interment in family plot. Otherwise, I will return again after May.

There is nothing more doctor can do for him. Anything would be prolonging and he does not want that. Yesterday, he did not want to be 'touched'. He let mom brush his hair but 'grumbled'. He can speak one or two words before becoming winded again.

Hospice coming in to change bandage on small sore on his back and I'm up at the wireless coffee shop in Covington, VA about 13 mi from there apartment to catch up emails and check in.

Thank you all so much for the encouragement here.

Been reading flist and commenting where I can and miss you all
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I logged on this morning after arriving in Virginia and was surprised at the comments... Not that you all would not make them just people I never knew read my LJ ............. It was very very welcome after driving 16-17 hours.

It is easier time wise for me as I am in an internet cafe about 13 miles from my parents' apartment to just answer them all here instead of all of them individually !  So many and such a support to me right now.

As for Dad, he's about the same as when I left Oklahoma 3:15 pm CST yesterday.  Arrived here in Virginia at 10 a.m. Too early for him to be surprised (that's what he'll be told, I just felt like surprising him.  He's not aware quite how bad it is.)   So have met kids at a internet coffee shop and we're having a breakfast, lunch??????????  hmmm not sure what meal I'm up to now :D Lol 

Will be here till at least Saturday and if no change will head back home until May when I was coming anyway. 

Will update as soon as I can/have something

Hugs and love and many thanks to all of you! 
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Could this possibly be a sign of too much addiction to dragons?  :)  Can't wait till we have a bathroom I can install them in
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You Are a Gingerbread House

A little spicy and a little sweet, anyone would like to be lost in the woods with you.


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