Mar. 11th, 2010

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Common threads run through many fiber items. Spun yarn, woven fabric, crafty ideas. The common theme or idea that ties it all together. So what would crafting and living ecologically green have as a common thread?


Both require some creative thinking and adapting so that we can either create something from basic items or develop habits that help our planet last longer and be cleaner. Yes, this does sound a lot like the last blog I wrote for the Crafty Witches but that's because it is a concept I'm working to incorporate into my life on a daily basis and therefore, into my crafting as well.

I find myself looking at what I craft, or more so the items left over from creating the finished product and determining if there is a future use for things with a more critical eye. A small amount of yarn that I used to not think twice about throwing out now is worked into a full or part of a six inch granny square to be sent for incorporation in charity blankets. More careful measuring of paint or glue before actually beginning the project has actually resulted in less waste.

See, I'm learning that living green is not just recycling and reusing but reducing as well. Reducing how much you waste by careful use of your resources -- creative planning.

It's small steps that measure up into large actions. Each person's small step together.


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