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2010-08-07 09:59 pm
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Plagarism on DA

Posting this from R. S. Bohn's LJ to Boost the Signal

Please pass on and if you recognize any of the fictions this girl claims as hers comment and notify Deviant Art.

<blockquote>Plagiarism on DA

I don't have the flist I used to, so please, if you read this, pass this on to other SSHG authors:

This person, Imperfect Angel, is passing off the work of various well-known SSHG authors as her own on DA. This is her page:


I have already found six, by Kailin, OpalJade, and NotSoSaintly. I reported those deviations to DA, left a comment for Imperfect Angel on each one, and left a message on her profile page. Please, some of the fics I don't recall, so if you would read them and see if you recognize any, that would be great.

Fucking idiot plagiarizing teenagers.</blockquote>
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2010-07-14 03:21 pm
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Desktop Meme

Gacked from Shae
Take a screen shot of your desktop right now and post
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2010-07-13 04:28 pm

Singer... Dragonsinger

Gacked from Super_Jenn and several others...

I write like
Ian Fleming

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

I write like
P. G. Wodehouse

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

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2010-06-18 11:31 pm
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F Word Friday #1


So [profile] ofenjen  started showing fabric on fridays but I don't always have lots of that out. [profile] archerpren  started tonight with F Word Fridays since fabric and fiber (yarn etc) begin with F.  Since I was having a rather 'f word' Friday today (not involving fiber of any kind) I though I'd change it to a Fiber F word and post some yarn as well :D

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2010-05-28 01:13 pm

8 Years And He's Still the One!

Wedding 018

Our anniversary was Tuesday and since we both work, our celebration is this weekend with our favorite outing! The Muskogee Ren Faire.

For my gift, Sir Dragon Preacher got me a new sewing machine and it's the first ever all brand new one I've ever owned. A lower range Janome but sufficient for my needs and I LOVE it.


So, of course I had to use it and use it I did. Made him a monk's garb for tomorrow and a wizard robe to go over a purple sundress with medieval-looking embroidery on it.


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2010-04-30 09:59 pm

For my son, Jonathan

who graduates next weekend from Appalachian Bible College (and that's being held up by my 6'2" hubby, Sir DragonPreacher)
Class of 2010 )
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2010-04-14 07:34 am

The Angels Have the Tardis

So this weekend I caught the perfect photo for Wordless Wednesday

Now for the action behind the capture. Always fun when you're a Doctor Who fan and your other half has never seen it *grins*

While making a left turn on a light at a busy intersection you spot the statue, whereupon you say to yourself OMG DON"T BLINK AND GOTTA GET A PHOTO.

as you're pulling in the church parking lot to go get the photo

J: where you going?
M: picture *pulls car from left lane she just turned into, across right lane into church lot*
J: huhwha?
M: backinaminute*grabs camera*
J: *stares through passenger side windshield at wife's departing back*
M: *takes shot, walks back to car grinning*
J: *says nothing just picks up conversation where it was pre-left turn*
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2010-03-29 06:40 pm

Crafty Picspam for The Linus Connection V 3.0

So another box just left today on its way to Ofenjen for the Linus Connection with what I've made since 12 February which is :

160 6" granny squares (20 each photo)









50x50" square granny ghan


4 12" starknuts squares


8 12" Granny squares (Starknuts)


3 12" Granny squares (Starknuts


12" square


33x33" granny ghan


40x40" granny ghan