Jan. 10th, 2010

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It's been a long cold few days.  With temps down in the single digits at night (Minus digits for you Celsius folks) and no higher than low 20's (still minus digits for you Celsius Folks), the house has been very cold as we do not have central heat of any kind and the little portable electric heaters can only do so much.  It's been layers of clothes and practically sitting right in front of a portable heater.  Hands of been too cold to do much crochet.

We've also been without water since Thursday when our pipes froze and just to add fun to the mix, the power steering belt broke on the car Joe drives.  Spent Thursday night out to get some jugs of water as well as some dinner and Friday after I got off work, out to get some pipe insulation, the power steering belt and dinner/lunch to tide us through till yesterday.

No luck trying to thaw pipes yesterday but did go to a friends where we could get hot hot hot showers and do a fast load of cold water wash for the layers of warm clothing we've been wearing.  Even was warm enough there to knit for a while and got 28 rows completed on my Dr. Who scarf.

Today is supposed to get above freezing so hopefully, Joe can get car fixed for work tomorrow and pipes will thaw out.

Now to head back under blankets!      
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January 10, 2010:


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